Burning/stinging Feeling Under Incision 1 Month Post-Op. Have I Torn Something??

I had a tummy tuck on July 5th. It went perfect! I healed well no pain and incision looks great! But I am now experiencing a burning and stinging feeling directly under the wound site when I move? Have a torn something? Thank you for any feedback in advance.

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The fact that you had a smooth post op course is reassuring.  Provided you did not have and sidnificant movement like a fall or overstraining your abs and did not feel a distinct sharp "pop" you probably did not tear anything.  After surgery as your tissues recover, your nerves may wke up a bit and cause more uncomfortable sensations.  If that is the case try using lotion and gentle massage 2 minutes daily over the sore area to desensitize the discomfort.  If it persists, consult your surgeon.  I hope this information is helpful.

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Pain after Tummy Tuck

Following tummy tuck surgery some patients may experience temporary pain as you describe which may radiate down the leg. This is caused by irritation of the ilio inguinal nerve. Although is is uncomfortable is usually resolves in a few months.  Other sources of pain related to suture breakage or stretching of fresh scar tissue. Your plastic surgeon can provide a more definitive answer after examining you. Best Wishes

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Tummy tuck recovery

Thank you for your question.

Sometimes after tummy tuck surgery you may experience some "sensations".  Because your recovery was smooth and you didn't say that anything traumatic happened, most likely you are fine but ALWAYS following up with your surgeon is the best way to go.

Best Wishes!

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