Does Your Stomach Get Saggy and Loose After a Partial Hysterectomy?

I am a 38 year old female, am 5 6 1/2 and weigh 145-155 lbs. I have a medium frame have an athletic build. I have never had any children, by choice. I have to have a partial hysterectomy because I have internal fibroids and my uterus is enlarged. I am very confused about what happens, if anything to your stomach after the surgery. I am very self conscious about my appearance. It is necessary to have tummy tuck during or after surgery? Does the surgery make you have a flabby stomach?

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Tummy tuck and Hysterectomy

First let me say that no tummy tuck surgery is needed as it is an elective cosmetic operation.  I do not know what your abdomen looks like but you have never had children so it is likely that your abdominal tone is good and should not be affected by the hysterectomy. If you have some loose lower abdominal skin or fatty deposits that you are unhappy about then liposuction or a mini tummy tuck may be an option. Most likely your gyn surgeon will use a  low transverse incision and a mini tummy tuck could be performed at the same time.

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