Burning, pulling sensation at incision T site? (photo)

On extended tummy tuck that left me with capital I shape incisions. Lower half feels good, just with a little swelling. The top half of my stomach pulls a lot and the upper "T" where the vertical incision and horizontal incision meets pullst, to the point where I still can't stand up straight (3 weeks po today) or take a really deep breath. There is also a couple of lumps along the incision. Is it just scar tissue tightening up? What can I do to loosen this up so I can finally stand up straight?

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Burning and Pulling Sensation After Tummy Tuck #tummytuck

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Everything you describe is normal. IT will take months for the tightness and pulling to subside. The lumps and bumps are normal as well and as the sutures dissolve the scar will flatten and not be as bumpy. Hang in there. Three weeks is so early in the healing process. Your sights should be set on months of recovery not weeks.

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Healing after extended tummy tuck

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At three weeks you are still in the early post-operative phase of your healing--particularly since you had an extensive surgery. It will probably take a bit longer for you to be able to stand straight and for the swelling to decrease. Your pictures look like what I would expect after your surgery. You should let your surgeon know your concerns who will be in a better position to evaluate your healing since he or she can examine you in person. Good luck to you.

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Tummy Tuck Recovery

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From your photo, and given the fact that you have had a more extensive type of tummy tuck, it is not unusual that you may still feel a sensation of pulling at the upper "T" incision. At three weeks post op it is also common to note some lumpiness at the incision line. If you are concerned contact your surgeon, but it appears that you are healing normally following your tummy tuck. Best wishes.

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Vertical TT

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In my opinion you look pretty good.

The pulling sensation, the tightness, itching, and some degree of pain is normal and expected.

The color of the flap is perfect so by now, your evolution is exactly how it supposed to be.

Rest a bit more, avoid stretching your body and massage gently (If you have more 3 weeks after surgery)

Have a great journey

Dr. Cardenas

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