Bulging out 6 Weeks Post Fleur De Lys Abdominoplasty? (photo)

I had a fleur de lys tummy tuck 6 weeks ago (after losing 140lbs) and i'm bulging out more now then i did right after surgery, especially later in the day. Loose skin also seems to be coming back in the upper stomach right above BB, whereas after surgery i was nice and flat, now i can pinch a good inch and have pouches on both side of the muscle when i bend forward. I just came back to work this week so moving a lot more, could it be just swelling? Will this be my final results?

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Fleur de lis tummy tuck and swelling

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As others have said, you have a nice result. There is still some swelling at 6 weeks.  There is also inevitably some stretch and relaxation of the skin which is more of an issue after extensive weight loss because the skin is more stretchy. I would wait at least 6 months. If bulging just above belly button persisted, a small additional excision would fix it.

Returning to Work and an Increase in Swelling Following a Tummy Tuck

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   You appear to have a nice result, and the return to work and increased activity may cause an increase in swelling in the postoperative period.  There will always be some degree of skin laxity following any of these procedures.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Fleur de lys abdominoplasty

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At 6 weeks after surgery you look very good. More than likley the bulging you are concerned about is from swelling.  Of course it could be the muscle. Remember also that your skin will not be completely tight.  There is always some looseness and certainly more rebound looseness in patients with massive weight loss.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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