Is my Belly Button Too Small or Closing Up? Will It One Day Be an Innie Like my Dr Said It Would with the Indentation? (photo)

once the swelling goes down? I discussed my concern of a small belly button with my doctor and he laughed and said that was a weird compliant that most people want a small belly button. He did say that over time we could see what happens and if need be it could be corrected. I don't see my doctor for two months can i do something between now and then to correct this.

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Belly Button Too Small

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From your pictures it appears that your belly button did contract in after surgery.  A revision after 6-9 months (sometimes up to 1 yr) may be performed to help improve its appearance.  It sounds like this is your plastic surgeons plan. 

Umbilical stenosis

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It does look like your umbilicus contracted down.  If this happens, it can often be corrected in 6 months or so.

Is my Belly Button Too Small or Closing Up

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Yes and yes.

It appears that the scar around your navel is contracting and causing the narrowing. Speak with your surgeon about options. Sometimes these can b managed without surgery (injections, stretching), other times a touch up procedure, usually an office type operation with local anesthetic will be needed some months down the line. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Umbilicus Too Small after Tummy Tuck?

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Check with your plastic surgeon to see if he  would okay the use of a small marble placed in the umbilicus ( as a "dilator”).  If so, use the  marble covered by a piece of tape hopefully to gently  prevent continued scarring down.

 Best wishes.

Micro-umbilicus after tummy tuck

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You do have a very tiny umbilicus as you are healing.  I personally would not tell you that it will someday be an "innie" and you might need some revision after 6-9 months of healing.

Shrinking Belly Button

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Thank you for the photos. You have a tightening of your belly button due scar (stenosis). Sometime these can be stented (forced gently open) with gauze. Typically, the belly button can be surgically enlarged with a Z-plasty. 


Narrowing Belly Button after Tummy Tuck

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     A marble may be able to keep the area from contracting further.  Ask your plastic surgeon as each one will have different ideas.  The area can be revised in a few months if necessary.  Steroids may be able to soften the developing scar as well, but the injections carry risks as well.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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