I have a bulging vein above my eye that I would REALLY like to treat?

The vein in question is above my right eye. I had a ultrasound once and doctor told me that it was an AVM. I had an MRI done and found no complications. It bulges when I bend my head, exercise, essentially when my blood pressure rises. I do have slightly high blood pressure. It has a pulse. Standing upright it doesn't show but I can still feel the vein. I have been to several physicians and was told not to worry. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I need help, I am very self conscious about it.

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Bulging vein near the eye (orbit) and microphlebectomy

Given the size of this vein on the pictures provided, I recommend that it be addressed with ultracision microphebectomy technique - one or two tiny puncture wounds which require single tiny sutures (8-0 prolene) which should heal very nicely. 

Buffalo Phlebologist
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Surgical excision

From your picture and the size of the vein, the best method of treatment would be surgical removal through one or two 2mm incisions (microphlebectomies).  The vein is too big for laser treatment and may be too large for sclerotherapy (although this could be a possibility depending on examining it).  Small incisions can be done under local anesthesia but the down side is a very tiny scar.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon
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