Is It Normal to Bruise 4 Days After Botox?

I got a bruise 4 days after Botox is that normal?

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Bruising appearing 4 days after Botulinum Toxin (Dysport or Botox) injection

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Although bruising can occur immediately, it may not be visible in thicker skinned areas and may appear 2-3 days later as it settles in areas of thinner skin. This is not uncommon in the forehead where the bruises settle in the lower eyelids.

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Bruise 4 days after Botox

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Late bruising very uncommon. Return to the injecting doctor to discuss, maybe you caused additional trauma to the area.

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Brusing can be delayed after Botox

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Brusing can show up as late as a few days after injections, whether for Botox or fillers, fat injections, etc. Bruising does not happen very commonly after Botox, but certainly can and does occur. The delay may mean that the bruised vessel is slightly deeper than the superficial ones that show their bruising immediately. Bruises disappear on the face within two weeks, or slighlty more.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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