Brow Bone Reduction Procedure and Costs

I'm a 24 y/o male, and I've generally been happy with my appearance and never once thought about having any cosmetic surgery done. However, for the past couple of years, I've been growing increasingly upset with my brow bone. It's the one feature that's really bothering me since it looks completely out of place on my face. It looks pretty similar to the left part of the uploaded picture. How exactly is this procedure done? Will the outcome be subtle or will it make a large difference in my appearance? Lastly, what's an estimated cost for the surgery?

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Brow bone reduction procedure and costs

The operation is done by peeling the forehead tissue down from an irregular pre hairline incision. This allows to expose the bony are in question. Than a burr drill is used to burr down the forehead or supra orbital bony prominence. Than washing the area and closure. Acute healing a few days than a week of moderate healing. Costs from $10,000.

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Bone shaving of forehead.

This is something that is routinely done. The incision is the irregular trichophytic incision which has the hair grow thru the scar at the hairline and the scar is not noticeable. Thru this we shave the bone. The recovery is very short, 2-3 days with little discomfort.

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Brow Bone Reduction Procedure and Costs. #Foreheadplasty

Thank you for your question!  The procedure method varies depending on one's anatomy and facial dimensions.  Typically, I ask patients to get x-rays to assess the bone anatomy of the forehead.  This allows me to decide the severity of the bony prominence and how to reduce it to make the forehead smoother. Some people may need only shaving of the bone to see improvements and others need a much more aggressive approach.  This is called a frontal setback procedure.  The cost ranges depending on the approach used to accomplish one's goals. There are physicians who specialize in forehead bone reduction and who perform this procedure often.  I would recommend you find someone either locally or travel to see one of the physicians. Often, it would be a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has performed this most commonly on transgender individuals, yet it can be on anyone who wants the bone to the forehead made smoother.   I hope this helps!

Forehead bone contouring

The procedure is performed by making an incision across the top of the scalp. The forehead skin is peeled forward and then the forehead bone is burred down much the way you would plane down a piece of wood. The forehead skin is then moved back into place and the scalp incision closed. The amount of change seen afterward is proportional to the amount of bone removed by the burring. It is not a simple or reversible procedure.

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