Any way to make my ass softer?

I've never had and work done on my booty but I want to know is it possible to make it softer and squishier ... My butt is way to firm for my liking and im not sure if there is a procedure to fix it

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Softer Butt

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Hi Jenn

This can be possible with a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)- it would work to get a butt to have more of a plush feel to it, and another effect would be that it would make the buttocks a bit larger as well. This in theory will result in a perfect hour glass figure with a BBL. A consultation from a plastic surgeon that specializes in BBL would be a good next step

Best Wishes

Dr. Mowlavi

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Any way to make my ass softer?

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Thank you for your question, We use your own fat tissue to reshape the buttocks. Since it is your own fat tissue, the results are very natural that no one can understand that you underwent an operation for the well-shaped buttocks of yours. If you do not have adequate fat tissue that we can use for the operation then implants can be used. This decision can be given after the examination. Fat transfer to buttocks is the latest technique applied in proper cases that gives a smoother result and has no rejection risk as its patients own tissue. We purify the fat tissue from other tissues and turn into stem cell enriched fat tissue to have all benefits of stem cells like regenerative effect, a fresher look . My Cihantimur Fat Transfer System” in some patients complaining from skin sagging; we can combine these procedures with our own another ground breaking technique, The Spider Web Technique. The Spider Web technique aims integration of transferred tissue with polydioxanone sutures placed under skin which triggers collagen production fighting with loss of elasticity and sagging of skin.Tightened and natural results, good quality of skin and fresher look and Faster Healing 7 Recovery Period

Bulent Cihantimur, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon
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