Itch that's behind my breast implant, itch make me feel like something is crawling inside of your body. I need help

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Nothing is crawling inside your breasts. If your surgery was fairly recent, your nerves will slowly settle down and this sensation should slowly go away. Massage may be helpful. Please discuss this with your surgeon.

Itch Behind Breast

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The cause of this could depend on how long ago your surgery was. It is not uncommon for nerves to generate strange sensations like vibrations, crawling or shooting pains while they are healing. It may take a few months for all of those sensations to resolve. I recommend that you discuss your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon so that they can advise you.

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Breast Augmentation

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Thanks for your question.
It is difficult to say what the sensation you are experiencing is caused by.  It is not uncommon to have weird sensations in the breast: itching, pulling, burning, sharp pains, which are commonly caused by nerves that resolve over time.  More information and a physical exam are necessary.  First question would be; How long ago was your procedure?  When did the sensation start?  Is there any changes in the breast appearance...firmness, shape change etc.
Follow up with your implanting surgeon as they should be able to diagnose the condition.  Hope you feel better.
Dr. T

Breast augmentation

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There are several reasons that you can help altered sensation.  The kind of feeling can be related to the capsule, muscle, breast or potential other tissues.  Other questions that you would need to answer are simple like have you noticed it the entire time since your surgery.  Is this new and was it potentially related to an activity.  It takes very little early after to surgery create a potential source for prolonged swelling or inflammation.

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