I'm preparing for a tummy tuck and bbl but I'm not sure...

Ok so I'm having a bbl and tummy tuck done on June 10. I know i shouldn't be scared but I'm getting a lot of people telling me that I should buy anti bacterial cream and spray for wounds ? Should I even be putting anything on my tummy tuck incision , and what in the world is spray for wounds and I never herd of antibacterial cream . Anything that I should buy to prepare besides what my doctor gives me

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Preparing for Tummy Tuck and BBL

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Thank you for your question. 

If you are a smoker, you will be asked to stop smoking well in advance of surgery. Aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs can cause increased bleeding, so you should avoid taking these medications for a period of time before surgery. We will ask you to stop some medications, supplements and certain vitamins. A complete list will be provided.

Our doctors perform abdominoplasty as an outpatient procedure. Be sure to arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery and to stay with you for at least the next day or two. When abdominoplasty is performed in conjunction with medically necessary procedures such as hysterectomy or hernia repair, a short hospitalization may be required. Best of luck!

Dhaval M. Patel 

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Follow surgeon's instructions

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It is important to listen to your plastic surgeon. He/She will guide you the best way that they know. 

Frank J. Ferraro, MD
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Follow PS's post-op instructions

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The most important thing you can do after your surgery is closely follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions. I also recommend eating a healthy, balanced diet and taking it easy during recovery. Best regards.

Jaime Perez, MD
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Preparing for Surgery

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There are lots of myths  about preparing for surgery and scar care.

The best advice is to try and shut it out.

The reality is your end result will depend more on your surgeon's technique and your own tissues rather than any creams or tapes.

Here are my tips to maximise your outcome.

1. Be in the best physical condition you can be in before your surgery
2. Eat a healthy well balanced diet.
3. Don't smoke 
4. Avoid any unnecessary herbal medications or vitamins in the lead up to your surgery
5. Give yourself time after your surgery to heal
6. Listen to your surgeon's advice

That is about all you can really do. Your surgeon will have their own advice regarding wound care, follow that and you will be fine.

Best wishes

Preparing for a Tummy Tuck

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Pre operative considerations and preparation are certainly an important part of a successful operation. Just as a pilot and flight crew review "checklists" together to ensure that all elements of the aircraft and crew are prepared for the take off and subsequent flight, so to should patients be prepared for surgery before entering the operating room.
If you are scheduled with a board certified plastic surgeon then he or she would have discussed with you the possible risks and benefits of surgery and gone over your preoperative care plan. This often includes a medical exam to assess for any medical conditions which would increase your chances for post operative complications such as smoking history and counseled you to stop after explaining why smoking can negatively impact your care. Other conditions such as diabetes would need to be evaluated and under good control before you proceeded with surgery.
In terms of skin preparation, usually good hygiene is discussed and recommended prior to surgery and discussions with your plastic surgeon to cover this aspect of your pre operative care can be helpful to avoid any confusion and ensure that you have done your "checklist" before take off.

Preparing for tummy tuck and bbl

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Hello, the best source of advice for your postop care is your own plastic surgeon.  In many cases you will not even have an open wound that requires any treatment.  Many surgeons seal the wound closed with skin adhesive, and others apply surgical tapes (like Steri-strips).  If there is no open wound you will not need to apply any ointment.

I'm preparing for a tummy tuck and bbl but I'm not sure...

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Hi lady. The best advice i can give you is follow your dr recommendation. Good luck.

                                                                        Dr. Manuel Marte. 

Manuel Marte, MD
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