Is it possible to fix the dented effect and jagged incision from the surgery? (Photo)

Hi, I went to Thailand around 4 years ago and had a breast lift and implants with 255cc in one, 200cc in other. Immediately I noticed a rippling feeling of the implants soon after the surgery and when the scarring was healing I noticed it wasn't perfectly stitched and some of the incision had cut into my nipple leaving aJaggered look. I also noticed when I lay on my side there is a dented effect. I have received some advice that smaller implants and teardrop would fix the rippling effect

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Irregularities after an augmentation mastopexy procedure abroad

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Its very common to have results not perfect following such procedures.  The edge of the areola could be tattooed as suggested by Dr. Schlesinger or if there is some laxity to the areola, the edge could be redone to make it rounder and better matched with the rest of the areola.  As for the ripples, many things contribute to it and you really need to figure out how much does it bother you.  If only when laying on your side, it would be suggested you not worry about it.  If visible when topless and standing upright and the characteristics of your breasts were of utmost importance, changes to a shaped, textured or smooth round ultracohesive implant could help.  Otherwise I look at imperfections as a a great character test of whom ever is lucky enough to get close to them... and if they are critical, you can do better.

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How Do I Fix My Jagged Nipple Areolar Complex & The Rippling Of My Breasts?

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The uneven edge of your areola can be corrected by nipple tattooing.  Medical tattooing, among other things, is able to tattoo in the edge of the areola to make it smooth and either match the existing areola color or change the areola color to a darker and more youthful appearance.  Medical tattooing is a specialty onto itself, especially when it comes to matching nipple areola color.  On one of your breasts, there is areola pigment going down the vertical incision.  This was due to leaving actual areola on the vertical suture line.  This may have to be left alone because reverse tattooing is possible on dark skinned individuals but not on someone with fair skin.  
As far as the breast dents are concerned, whether your implants are saline or silicone, putting in smaller implants makes no sense to me especially if they are tear dropped.  Tear drop implants have a specific orientation and require a hand & glove relationship with the surrounding tissue.  If you put in a smaller tear drop implant in a larger pocket, they will certainly rotate and you will get at a minimum an upside down or diagonal breast implant (I'm sure no one wants a diagonal breast).  
Rippling can occur with the classic silicone implants when there is too much skin and the implants are underfilled.  With saline implants, rippling is very very common.  Switching your implants to the new Inspira silicone implants manufactured by Allergan will give you the greatest chance of no rippling.  If you were my patient, I would suggest larger Inspira implants rather than smaller tear drop implants.

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