Breast reduction at age 15?

I am now 14 and a 34DD. Moth my mom and my grandmother have large breast, so I persume this is a genetic issues. I am 5.6 and weigh 124 pounds. Wver since I was 12 i wanted a breast reduction, because i have grown a very low self-esteem and feel incredibly fat. In addition, I have a lot of back problems. I was wondering of plastic surgeons would consider doing a breast reduction at this age.

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Breast Reduction - Wait Until Breasts Stop Growing

It sounds like eventually you may be a good candidate for a Breast Reduction. I would recommend waiting until you have ffinal breast growth which usually occurs from age 18-21 for a more predictable result. Other considerations is the potential inability to breast feed after surgery.

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Breast reduction at 15 years old

thank you for your question. Yes, breast reductions can be performed at that age. I have many times. You must be informed about the procedure, and scarring and see photos of that and also there is a chance that the breasts may enlarge as you continue to develop over the next 5-7 years, but there is no reason to have the discomfort and appearance during this time. I recommend you see a board certified surgeon for a consultation.

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Breast reduction at age 15?

Many thanks for the question,I am surprised for its timing since tomorrow I am operating on a 16 years old with similar issue in Dubai on a British girl.

Problems dont have a timing.They do however need a PS that has guts to go against the norms.

I am sure you can find some one who has the courage to break the local regulations and o it for you.

The functional issue related to this cosmetic problem gives you all the rights to fix your problem if you can find some one in your locality who can do a breast reduction against the local regulations.Wishing you all the best.

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