Breast Reduction Surgery After Pregnancy?

How long after giving birth should I wait before I can undergo breast reduction surgery?

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At least 6 mo after stopping breast feeding

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If you are breast feeding then you should not do any breast size change till six mo after the last time you stopped pumping your breast. If you are not breast feeding then see a doctor six months after delivery and when you achieved the weight you want-as many have to loose weight after pregnancy. So both should be achieved before doing a breast reduction. You must also consider the fact that if you get pregnant again then your breasts will stretch and change size again and so perhaps you should wait till you are done with all your pregnancies. This way you will not need to repeat any more procedures on your breasts.

New York Plastic Surgeon

At least 6 months after there is no more milk.

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To marisol785,

Hi! This is a very common question. You really want to be sure all of your hormones are back to normal. Also women typically lose quite a bit of weight right after giving birth.

Once you are ready, it is a very good operation. It improves the quality of women's lives. We can now create good LONG TERM shape with less scarring.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

3 months after completion of breast feeding.

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In order to achieve the optimal shape with a breast procedure of any kind after a pregnancy, the breast size should be stable and there should be no significant milk production. This allows your surgeon to select the right procedure to achieve the shape you desire with minimal chance of complications.

Future pregnancies often will affect the new shape so it is wise to consider delaying the operation until no further pregnancies are planned.

Stanley G. Poulos, MD
Greenbrae Plastic Surgeon
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If you don't nurse - usually 3 to 6 months.

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After childbirth, the breasts become engorged with milk and much larger than they were before. When you stop nursing ( or decide not to nurse) you must allow the breasts to settle and recover from their changes. It is best if you wait at least 3 to 6 month. Some physicians even like to wait longer, they feel that it takes quite a while for the glands to atrophy and all of the changes that are going to occur to have a chance. You may notice that your breasts end up smaller than they started and a bit lower.

If in doubt, just set up an appointment and consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the possibilities. I am sure most would see you even while you are pregnant to help you.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast reduction after giving birth

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When your breasts are of stable size and shape for one month, then you are ready to consider a breast reduction.Always carefully search out a physician that is skilled in the different newer breast reduction techniques. The latest and best techniques include: The Lejour technique; The Goes Technique; and the hall-Findlay technique. Your doctor should be skilled in all the techniques described above.

Robert M. Freund, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Allow your breasts to return to their steady state

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During pregnancy the breast tissues undergo significant change due to hormonal effects. You are correct to wait some time to undergo breast reduction after childbirth.

Another factor which would also contribute is if you are breast feeding. Basically, you want to wait for your breasts to return to their steady state, unaffected by the hormonal influences of the pregnancy.

Another factor is your mobility with your new baby. If you undergo surgery too soon, you may be hindered while you are recovering. Waiting 6 to 12 months would be appropriate.

6 Months After Nursing

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Your best results will come from waiting until you are back close to your pre-pregnancy weight. The answer also depends in part on whether you're breastfeeding. Generally, I would recommend waiting 3 months after you stop breastfeeding before scheduling the procedure. You may find that the size and shape of your breasts change significantly after breastfeeding. If you don't breastfeed, waiting 3 to 6 months after having the baby is advisable. If you plan on having another child soon, I recommend waiting until you're finished having children before getting breast surgery.  

James N. Romanelli, MD, FACS
Long Island Plastic Surgeon
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6 months

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You should wait about 6 months after pregnancy, or after you've stopped breastfeeding, before you consider surgery.

Breast reduction and breast feeding

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Most surgeons recommend waiting 6 months following childbirth for a breast reduction. This time period is somewhat flexible. Some patients may not breast feed and their milk will dry up fast, and the breasts will return to their normal size relatively quickly. As long as there is milk present or the breasts are larger then normal, you would wait for a breast reduction.

Breast Reduction Following Pregnancy: Wait Until Lactation Has Stopped For 3-6 Months

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It’s not unusual for women to address changes in their bodies following pregnancy. In many cases this is part of the mommy makeover procedure which addresses areas of fat accumulation in the hips and thighs, redundant abdominal tissue and changes that occur in the breasts.

When contemplating breast surgery, of any type following pregnancy, several issues require consideration. It’s important that the breasts have reached a stable size and contour and that lactation has stopped for at least three to six months. It’s also important that the patient has returned to their baseline weight. Once these requirements have been met, it’s reasonable to proceed with breast reduction surgery.

If you’re considering breast reduction following pregnancy, consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon that has experience in this area would be appropriate.

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