Breast Ptosis on 19 Year Old Female? (photo)

Im 19 years old and have noticed this since the beginning of puberty but thought it would even out, it hasnt. I am average/slim build on a petite frame at 5.3" and 107 pounds. I also have mild eye ptosis and wonder if that has anything to do with it? I would appreciate some advice as I have depression and this really isnt helping my confidence issues. I live in the middle of England. Thank you.

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Breast ptosis in 19 year-old female

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Hi, Suzie.  First of all, your eyelid ptosis and breast ptosis are not related.  Based on your photo, you have grade II/III ptosis.  Breast lift (mastopexy) will correct your ptosis.  Couple things that you need to know about breast lift: 1) Mastopexy is a safe surgery; however, with any surgery, there is a small risk for complication. 2) You will have scars, 3) If you gain/lose weight or get pregnant in the future, you may need revision mastopexy.   You should visit a board-certified plastic surgeon to review all potential risks/complications/alternatives.  Best wishes.



Breast ptosis in teenage females

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Dear Suzie,

Although your breast ptosis is not severe, I can understand why you would be unhappy with them. Please consult with a Board Certified Plastic surgeon who is experienced in breast lifts with minimal scar techniques. In your case, the Mini Ultimate Breast Lift would be ideal. This method utilizes a circumareolar incision to lift and permanently anchor your breast tissue in place. There is NO vertical scar. Results are natural, have longevity and with less scarring. This is not a Benelli lift. The Mini UBL is much more involved and technically challenging.

Kind regards,

Dr. H 

19 year-old with breast ptosis

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After reviewing your photo it appears that you should be able to benefir from a breast lift  utilizing a technique which minimizes scarring by restricting it to the areola. You have good volume so you do not need an implant. If the breasts really, really bother you then you consult wih a Board Certified plastic surgeon who can examine your breasts and offer advice. Good luck!

Breast lift on younger patients

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Large breast such as yours may lead to early breast ptosis.  I have done breast lift surgery on patients around your age with great results.  So, you may truly benefit from breast lift surgery.

Breat ptosis in young lady

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I don't think the shape of your breast should make you unhappy or depressed, lots of women have the same ptosis if not worse, and in a age close to yours.

From the picture seems that you have a beautiful trunk( body), and its clear how the ptotic breasts on both sides can interfere with the figure. The good news is that you have a good volume in both breasts, a certified and well trained plastic surgeon can reshape them to a better shape, with mastpexy procedure and no need For any augmentation materials.

Although you should consider the scars can resutls from this procedures, otherwise, I think if its done properly, it will look better.

Fatema S. Alsubhi, MD
UAE Plastic Surgeon

Breast ptosis in a 19 year old

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I am sorry to hear that you are depressed and would encourage you to address the emotional issues before considering surgery. Breast and eyelid ptosis are unrelated. You have a developmental asymmetry which is more common than you might imagine. As compared with many women who have posted on RealSelf, your condition is milder than most. Keep in mind that breasts (and eyes) are typically not identical and that surgery, while improving the situation, may offer a marginal benefit. It is also worth considering that the shape of the breasts may be altered after pregnancy and that additional correction may be required.

Breast ptosis not related to eye ptosis, but can be fixed

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Breast lifts, aka MASTOPEXIES, would fix the breast ptosis.  Best to find a BCPS in your area.  You should be aware that there will be scars at least around the areola and from the areola down to the fold under the breast, if not also along the fold under the breast.  The trade-off for the scars is that the breasts look closer to what people consider "youthful" and "ideal".  I agree with making sure the depression is well controlled preoperatively.  Best of luck to you.

Breast Ptosis in a 19 year old female

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Your breast ptosis is a result of development, and it could be treated by a breast lift. Unfortunately there are permanent scars that result from a breast lift.  You need to see a board-certified plastic surgeon who should be able to show your photos of their cases, and you can determine whether the trade-off of scars for a higher nipple position and less overhang of the breast is worth it to you.  Breast lifts may need to be repeated as you age and/or after pregnancies have their effect on the shape of your breasts. You should also realize that this "issue" with your breasts is having a greater effect on you than it will on anyone else, and we tend to "blow out of proportion" what physical characteristics we have that we do not like.  Think long and hard about the scars involved before you make too quick a decision.


Breast ptosis and eye ptosis

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Bresat ptosis is not related to eye ptosis. Your breast ptosis can certainly be corrected with a breast lift.

19 year old with breast ptosis

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There is no relation between breast and eyelid ptosis as Dr. Gottlieb has said.  Breast lifting can help the position of the nipple and the shape of your breasts if done well and by an expert.  This surgery is very sureon dependent so don't have it done by anyone who is inexperienced and from whom you have not seen lots of photos of their work.

Separately though, the lift puts permanent scars on you and may need to be redone or revised after having kids.  Is this going to help your depression or maybe add to it?  This really needs to be sorted out first please.

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