Shoulder and Arm Pain After Breast Aug Surgery?

I had breast implants 8 weeks ago. 4 weeks ago I began having a pinched nerve like pain from shoulder blade, across shoulder and down left arm to elbow. It will not go away and pain pills hardly do anything to relieve the pain especially at night when laying down puts pressure on area. Constant pain and muscle spasms. Is this normal for post breast aug and how long will it take to go away? I also have the pain under my arm which I know is typical but not sure about the shoulder to elbow?

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Shoulder and Arm Pain After Breast Aug

Thank you for your question. Shoulder pain is not typical after breast augmentation. Most likely, it is not related to the breast augmentation itself, especially since you mention it started 1 month after the surgery. Sometimes arm related symptoms are brought on by position during the operation but usually these issues show up right after surgery. Another thought I have for your discomfort is because of the surgery, you are using your arm/shoulder differently and this is causing the muscle spasm. You should return to your surgeon and discuss this with him/her.

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This sounds like you need to be seen by your PS to diagnose you it’s hard to do so without an exam. Having discomfort 4 weeks post-surgery is normal, depending on the amount of pain.


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