4 Weeks After Breast Augmentation, I Just Found out I Have Strep Throat, Will This Cause Cc?

hi I am 4 weeks post op my breast augmentation today. Yesterday morning I started having a sore throat and I ended up going to doctor late evening and they put me on keflex for strep. My question is, will having strep throat cause me to have capsular contracture?

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Strep throat is not a known cause of capsular contracture

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Strep throat is not a recognised cause of capsular contracture, and many cases of strep will run their course without treatment. The antibiotic actually will not shorten the course of illness for most, though is given to prevent the complications (heart) of a strep infection so finish your medication even if you are beginning to feel better.

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Unlikely to result in capsule contracture

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We do not fully understand capsule contracture but it usually is a result of some type of prolonged inflammatory phase that  might be caused by infection, hematoma, etc.  Some surgeons advocate antibiotics before dental cleanings and I have done this with some patients but not routinely.  It is however, fairly unlikely that you will have a capsule contracture from the strep throat especially being on antibiotics.

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Dr Remus Repta

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Strep throat after BA

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Thanks for ur question! 
It is certainly reasonable to b scared of infecting ur implants or getting contracture after getting strep throat. However, I think that u have already done the smartest thing u can by contacting ur doctor and getting started on antibiotics. I also personally have my patients do implant massage exercises that I believe helps to keep them soft. Again, this is anecdotal, but in my experience of thousands of implant surgeries, it works well for me. Check with ur own surgeon, but the odds of u getting implant infection or contracture is low. 

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Strep throat and BA

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Strep not known to cause capsular contracture. But an early systemic infection after aug can cause the implant to get infected.

Strep throat and capsule contracture

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Thank you for your question.

There has been no relationship between strep throat and capsule contracture. If you truly have strep throat (meaning a bacterial cause and not viral cause) there is a remote chance the implant could get seeded with bacteria. You would know this because you would start having sensitivity and maybe swelling on one breast. But this would be very unlikely

Brett Edward Lehocky, MD
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