Breast Lift with Very Small Implants to Change Shape and Not Size???

I had a breast reduction 6 years ago (best thing I ever did for myself). Two children later, my breasts are saggy and low. Is it possible to have a breast lift with small implants to simply change the shape of the breasts instead of trying to make them larger? I want round perky breasts, but not bigger breasts. I went from a DD to a mid-C for the reduction. I'd like to stay in the C-cup range. Thanks. (No more pregnancies in future...)

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How to determine if volume is needed with your breast lift

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If your sagging deflated breasts fill a bra that defines your desired figure, then a lift is all you need.  The careful removal of excess skin only will not reduce your volume significantly.  If there is a desire for more cleavage or fullness in the bra, then consider the extra volume provided by a small implant.  Beware of the surgeon who offers a breast tissue "reduction" combined with an implant which is really a net gain of zero, but with extra cost to you.

Good breast lift does not need implants.

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Using your existing scars, you can get perky shape with just a breast lift. Or small implants can be used at the same time to make you a little fuller.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breasts saggy after Pregnancy - Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift

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You have several options for your breast surgery. A breast lift can be performed to lift the breast without an implant and to maintain your current size. If you wish to have more volume in the upper pole of your breasts, then a breast lift with small breast implant maybe a better alternative. A third options would be autoaugmentation, where your own breast tissue is used to create an implant like look (i.e. perkier) breasts. The scarring is generally larger with the latter option, so you should decide what is more important for you: not having a breast implants or minimizing the scars.

Ankit Desai, MD
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Changing shape of breasts

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If you do not want to be larger then you should  not have implants placed.  If you want the breasts lifted and the skin envelope tightened, a breast lift may be the solution.

Lift and implants with slight reduction to alter shape and not size.

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This seems like a reasonable plan and I just performed that procedure today on an individual with similar breast changes following massive weight loss. I perfromed a lift with very slight reduction and small implant to achieve a fuller rounder similar sized breast.  

Fuller Breasts After a Breast Reduction

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The key element to determine whether you need a lift or implants or both is dependent on the position of your nipples.  In general, if your nipples are above your inframammary fold, you can usually just perform saline or silicone implants below the pectoralis muscle alone .  This is quite safe and will give you the fullness you desire.

However, if you have true breast ptosis, whereby your nipples are below your inframammary fold, it becomes more complicated and adds a degree so risk for potential nipple and or skin loss as well.   It can be done safely if one uses a smaller implant with the lift. 

I have done many patients with previous breast lift/reduction incisons . You have to be more careful and perform less undermining to preserve the blood supply to the breast skin and nipple areas .  This is why your really need to carefully select an experienced Plastic Surgeon with alot of experience and expertise in revisional breast surgery 

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift with small implants- good combination

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Yes, it is understandable that you want a better shape with out a significant change in size. A lift of the breast elevates the breast tissue  to a nice shape but it does reduce the breast a little or as much as a half cup if there is a large skin component removed. Implants provide the missing volume and give superior fullness where it is usually needed. So you get a great shape and maintain size. It is a more  difficult surgery so try to find a plastic surgeon who is very comfortable performing these procedures.

Breast Lift and Small Augmentation after Reduction

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Yes it is certainly reasonable to have a lift and a small augmentation to improve your breast shape.  The most important step you can take would be to either obtain the surgical record for the surgeon who performed the breast reduction or return to him or her for your lift and augmentation.  How the breast reduction was performed is important information to help assure the health of the nipple-areolar complex for your subsequent surgery.

Dr. ES

Elevate and change shape

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Sure.  Small implants are used (low profile) to fill the upper pole.  your end result can be close to your preop cup size, but with a rounder, fuller appearance.

Breast lift after breast reduction

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You can have a mastopexy (breast lift) after reduction mammaplasty. A mastopexy will not change the size (volume) of the breasts, but will lift them. You will be at increased risk of postoperative complications, including tissue loss because your previous surgery has altered the blood supply to your breasts. ideally, discuss this with the plastic surgeon who did your original reduction, or if that is not possible get a copy of your operative report so your surgeon will know what technique was used for your reduction.

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