Breast Lift Anchor Scar on Breast Not in Crease? (photo)

I am 1 week post op, I had breast lift and 325 cc under the muscle. I understand that I am swollen but it seems that the horizontal scar is quite high on my breast. Does this look normal and will the swelling go down that much for me to get the natural fold again to hide the scar for it seems that with implants placed unders that I have seen on the internet there is no fold

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Anchor Scar not In The Crease

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Thank you for sharing your photos.  

I would recommend contacting your plastic surgeon to ensure that your implants are in good position.  If everything is well, you should see substantial improvement as the swelling goes down.

I wish you a safe recovery and fantastic result.

Dr. Gill

Houston Plastic Surgeon

Still swollen. Takes time

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Hi, sometimes the horizontal scar can be placed above the crease.   With time the scar can or will be near the crease.   

Scar after breast lift

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Hello Samantha

It is always difficult not to check everything in the early days after surgery. However, surgery has a natural recovery and repair rate that takes time, and so early appearances may not reflect the end result.

As I always recommend- you trusted your Plastic Surgeon to do this surgery. Discuss your concerns and questions with him and let him guide you.

I wish you well in your recovery.

Post operative breast lift

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It is quite normal for the scar to be placed in this area.  This will settle with time and improve.  The scar does not always need to be in the breast fold.


Stephen Salerno


Breast surgery and incisions

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It is quite common to place the incision for a breast reduction/lift on the breast itself and not directly in the fold.

Breast Lift Anchor Scar on Breast Not in Crease?

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Your pictures indicate that you are relatively early in your recovery. The breast and scar location will change with time. It is normal for the scar to sit slightly above the breast crease even after your breast have settled.

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