Breast Implant Size Advice for Very Petite Frame?

I am a very petite Asian woman, 31 years old with one baby. I used to be a medium B. After breast feeding for 10 months, my breasts are more like an A cup now. I have surgery scheduled in a month and was hoping that you can base it on your experience and tell me how many cc's you think will be appropriate for my frame. I am 4'11" tall, weigh 90 lbs and have a pretty fit build (I lift weights). I want more fullness in the breasts and also a nice (voluptuous) front and side contour and nice cleavage in tight tanks. Thanks so much for your responses.

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Choosing the Right Breast Implant Size

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Choosing the appropriate size for your breast augmentation relies on many factors including your:

1. current breast size

2. the amount of skin you have,

3. your desired cup size

4. your breast and body measurements.

You should consult with a plastic surgeon performing breast augmentation regularly who will work with you to pick the right size and profile. It shouldn't be just choosing one of two sizes and the right size for you means incorporating both you and your plastic surgeon's recommendations. Sizing bras do help determine an estimate of the size you hope to achieve. In our Jacksonville breast augmentation practice, we utilize silicone gel sizer to help patients feel comfortable with the size they choose. We also help them decisions by informing them that there can be some limitations according to their existing breast measurements as well as that the sizers appear larger in the bra than inside the body.

In addition the use of disposable sizers during the operation, where we place temporary disposable implants and determine what sizes match your desired goals and body help to ensure consistent patient satisfaction.

Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Your body measurements are the most important

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Your body's measurements as far as the diameter of your chest, your skin's pliability among other factors determine the cc's. At that point you typically have a couple of choices that are within about 25cc of each other. Try them on with clothing and see how you look. Your surgeon will usually give you their opinion. Do not use cup size as a measure. it is very inaccurate and can be deceiving. Your body can ideally tolerate only a certain implant size within a narrow range. Once you are in that range, your outcome will be much better in the short term as well as long term. You have to consider many factors prior to deciding on an implant size. Discuss your desires with your surgeon and get a realistic view of what to expect postoperatively.

Bahram Ghaderi, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Go for the "look" not the cc's or the cup size

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The implant should have a base width compatible with your own. From what you are wanting and from your frame, you will most likely want a high profile implant because it will give you the most fullness for the width. Make sure you feel your surgeon knows what you want and ask them if it is achievable with your body.

Breast implants in the 250-300 cc range best for petite women

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Your doctor will take measurements and recommend a size for you. From your description, it sounds as though you want fullness, but do not want to look top-heavy.

I usually recommend a conservative breast augmentation in the 250-300 cc range for a woman with your build and stated desires.

350 cc and larger would give you a very full and possibly top-heavy look.

Breast implant sizing is personal

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Breast implant sizing takes a good examination and an understanding of what a patient wants to achieve and what she is willing to do to get there. What one woman finds attractive another finds unattractive.

With this being said, have a sit down with your surgeon and look through his book to figure what you like. Then he should be able to help you hone in on what works best for you.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

High profile implant will probably be your best option

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Picking the right implant takes a great deal of communication between surgeon and the patient. In general, the width of the base of breast determine the range of implant sizes that would look appropriate on your frame, and then you and your surgeon can decide how much cleavage you want and if you want saline or silicone, and the pros and cons of each of the options. Given your frame and the look you're going for, a high profile implant will probably be your best option, but take the time to sit down with your surgeon and review your goals carefully with him, so that he is in the best position to pick the right implant for you at the time of surgery.

Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Take time with your decision

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Probably the most critical factor is the base diameter of your breast.

Implants are now available in a variety of shapes that increase the number of choices for your particular body type.

Given your petite frame, however, it is likely that your surgeon will recommend a high proifle silicone gel implant placed under the muscle.

Go for more than one consultation and review some of the websites that categorize women by their height and weight.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Implant size depends on your tissue and measurements

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 Implant size really depends on your tissue and measurements.  However, I would suspect that implants in the 250 to 325 size range would be best for you.  However, keep in mind that implant size really has to be individualized for each patient.  Good luck.

Not enough information for me

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The one thing that I really need to know is what the bra size is 30A, etc.  Without the number I can't give you an estimate. 


In augmentation its not the cc's, its the look

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On this site there are very many questions about what size implant one should select, or the implant projection etc. for their particular size frame. You should take a look at these responses to help guide your decision.

In our practice we try to emphasize the look of the augmentation rather than the particular implant used to obtain the result that you see. As you explore breast augmentation you will begin to notice just how varied each individual can be. No two individuals given the exact same implant will obtain the same result unless of course they are extremely well matched as to shape and size.

The best approach with your surgeon is to explore the look you would like, not in descriptive terms but in photographs. Choose pictures which best show the volume, upper fill, projection, that you would like. Trial bras are helpful, but the photographs speak a thousand words. Your implant may be of 200cc, 300cc, or more. If it looks just as you would like, it will not matter what size it is.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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