Capsular Contraction's Effect on Breastmilk Production?

I have Saline Breast Implants and they have been in with no problems for 17 years. I just had my first child and developed a capsular contracture after I stopped breastfeeding and losing weight. I would like to get pregnant again but I'm afraid of what will happen. Will my milk come in on that side? Will one side get huge and the capsule side stay the same or will the capsule loosen? The capsule isn't that bad maybe between a grade 2 and 3. Any answers would be great!

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Capsular contraction's effect on breastmilk production?

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Dear Mom to be Washington

60 per cent of women can breast feed with each pregnancy- whether they have had surgery or not. Not all women can feed from both breasts- there may be inequal production of milk.

The capsule per day should not interfere with the breast physiology and the capsule may change with the pregnancy.

Good luck with your pregnancy!

With Warm Regards,

Trevor M Born MD

Not to worry

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First, any time you do surgery on the breast, you risk losing the ability to breast feed, as well as sensation, as well as all the other complications involved with surgery. Secondly, I see contractures frequently after breast feeding, so if you can live with the cc until you are finished with children, it would be better.

Regarding the cc. This is simply a fancy name for vigorous scar tissue around the implant. The breast tissue is above the capsule, so it will not directly be affectd by the cc. However, size and shape of the breast may indirectly be affected by a deformed capsule.


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