Breast Implants After Childbirth?

How long do I have to wait if I want to get Breast implants after childbirth?

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Breast Augmentation after Childbirth

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Dear Abeeh,

Considering you are not breast feeding, it is recommended you wait a minimum of 3 months. Longer wait times may be needed, 6-9 months if you've not reached your pre pregnancy cup size or if you are breast feeding. If you are breast feeding, I recommend waiting 6-9 months after you have stopped breast feeding. The breasts undergo tremendous changes and need to be at a stable size before proceeding with surgery. 

Be well! 

Breast implants after childbirth?

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Hello! Thank you for your question. I would wait at least 3 months postpartum to allow your breasts to settle.  If you are breastfeeding, giving ample time after you have completed would be the wisest in order to obtain optimal results.  This is an excellent question, and one very common for those seeking rejuvenation of the appearance of her breasts, especially after pregnancy. Your complaints are likely due to post-pregnancy changes of your breasts as they likely enlarged and stretched during and immediately after your pregnancy as they became engorged with milk for lactation. Now, they have a typical "deflated" appearance as they have settled but have lost much of the enlargement during your pregnancy. Options to ameliorate your complaints would include implant placement, breast lift, fat grafting, or a combination of these modalities. A consultation with a plastic surgeon may help you decide which procedure(s) may be the best option for you.

It may be wise to wait until after you have completed child bearing, as similar changes will occur after each pregnancy. Also, it is not uncommon to have different sizes of breasts, but I would recommend evaluation if there is a sudden change in one side from another, a mass is felt to account for the size difference, any changes in skin or nipple appearance, or drainage/bleeding from the nipple. Changes can certainly continue after future pregnancies. Nothing really can be done non-surgically to truly ameliorate your complaints. After your childbearing, you may consider surgical intervention. Hope that these answers help!

Wait 6 months after child birth or breast-feeding

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Answers vary, but generally we recommend that you body changes significantly over the first 6 months.  Surgery after that would give you the best chance of a quality, long-lasting result.  Hope you have a great experience.

Sutton Graham II, MD
Greenville Plastic Surgeon

Augmmentation after breast-feeding

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I encourage my patients to wait for at least 3 months after stopping breast-feeding. You want to allow your breasts to get to as stable shape and volume before planning surgery. Best of luck.

Dr Edwards

Breast implants after childbirth

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 Assuming that you are not planning to have more children, I would say at least 6 months after you stopped breast feeding and your weight is stable.

Are you planning to have more children after augmentation?

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If you decideto have an augmentation after child bearing, you should wait until your breast size is back to the pre pregnancy state. This can take 3-6-months. If you decide to have more children, I would advise you to hold off with the augmentation. The reason is that you can develop some sagging of the breast tissues which will require a lift. At times, after pregnancy, the breast tissue might "slide"off" the implants and will require correction.

6 months is a good time frame to wait to get breast implants

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6 months is a good time frame. You want to be at a stable weight and not breast feeding.  Discuss with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Good Luck!

You can have breast augmentation 6 months after childbirth.

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In Manhattan, we make women wait six months after childbirth to have breast augmentation.  Your hormones are back to normal  by then.  Of course, if you are breast feeding, then it is six months after you finish breast feeding.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implants after Childbirth

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Hi there-

There are several important considerations here...

Because your breasts will be changing for several months after delivery of your baby (congratulations!) and until you've stopped breast feeding, it would not be advisable to proceed with augmentation until the skin and tissue have stabilized. This would be about 3-4 months after delivery or after you stop breast feeding.

The other thing to consider is the likelihood that you might have more babies... If this is likely, I would wait until your family is complete... If not, proceeding is fine once your breasts have stabilized.

Good luck!

Breast Augmentation Post-partum

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I usually recommend waiting at least 6 months after discontinuing breast feeding. However, I will often evaluate the woman at about three months so that at 6 months I have a better feel for the amount of involution and changes that have occured. In a small number of cases I even recommend another 3 months wait.

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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