Brazilian Butt Lift Workout - Same Results As Surgery?

I am confused by ads for brazilian butt lift workout that says it'll get you same results as surgery. They say routines include plies, squats, lunges, explosive moves, plyometrics, touchdowns, kickbacks and dance that will make you shed fat and tone your body. Since you know a lot about the surgery, have you ever seen a patient successful at avoiding surgery by doing this workout?

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BBL Workout

The results obtained by intense working out and the brazilian butt lift are very different. Intense exercise of the gluteal muscles will cause them to enlarge, thus giving more shape to the buttocks. But when a particular muscle enlarges, the area will become more toned and the overlying fat diminishes. The result is an attractive but "toned" buttock. This is very different than the results obtained with the fat transfer. In the brazilian butt lift, fat is transferred to the buttocks to create shape and "curves." An hourglass figure is created with the fat in association with liposuction. This is not the "toned" look of exercise and therefore exercise cannot achieve this look. A "toned" look is very different than a "curvy" look. 

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Exercise is good for tone, but not for fullness

That's clever marketing, but not totally true. Exercise does help keep your butt firm and in shape, but it can only do so much in shaping your butt. If you have a flat butt, exercising will keep it toned with some shape, but it won't give you the roundness and fullness that let's say, Kim Kardashian has. That can only be achieved with fat. 

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Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Vs. Surgery

The Brazilian Butt Lift workout and the Brazilian butt lift surgery affect two different areas of the buttocks and do not achieve the same result.

The Brazilian Butt Lift workout obviously targets the gluteal muscle, and with time, can modestly increase the size and firmness of the gluteal muscle.   

The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery uses fat injections to change the overall shape and projection of the buttocks while using liposuction to contour the waist, back, hips, and thighs.

The shape and size of the buttocks is mainly determined by the amount and distribution of fat overlying the gluteal muscles and hips, not by the gluteal muscles themselves.  Thus, the Brazilian But Lift workout which targets only the gluteal muscles, can increase the size of the gluteal muscles, but this does not translate into a full, round, high, and shapely buttocks.  Only a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery that alters the amount and distribution of fat overlying the gluteal muscles can produce a dramatic, round, sexy, curvy gluteal region.  Additionally, liposuction of the waist, back, hips, and thighs provides a sculpted waist and curvy silhouette that adds to the appearance of the newly sculpted buttocks.  


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Brazilian Butt lift workout versus surgery

Interestingly my Brazilian Butt lift video in the link below on youtube is constantly being criticized by workout fanatics looking for the exercise video. I have not seen successful results from the exercise regimen but my guess is that they wouldn't be coming to me for treatment. I believe in the right individual it will work but it does require long term maintenance to sustain the muscle bulk that is responsible for the results.

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