Brazilian Butt Lift - Can You Choose Your Size?

Can you determine how big a butt you want? i would like to add this to my smart lipo but i don't want a kim kardasian but just a little rounding...does size determine price?

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How big can I go with a brazilian butt lift?

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Your frame will determine the largest result you can possibly obtain.  Make sure you disucss your desires with your surgeon, and they will tell you if your expectations can be met.  Typically, it is not a problem to get a modest enhancement, if that is what you are looking for.

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Choosing Brazilian Butt Lift Size

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While detailed conversations with your surgeon will help determine exactly what you would like as your end result, the practice of medicine is not an exact science.  The amount of fat placed does not always represent the amount of fat that survives the procedure.  In most cases, there is approximately 85% survival rate and the results you experience at 6 months will be your final shape.  The price is determined by the amount of surgical time required to achieve your desired reults and the amount of fat that needs to be transferred.

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Your surgeon will help you decide on the size for Brazilian butt lift.

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Your surgeon will help you decide on the size during your consultation.  You do not necessarily have to have a huge butt from the operation just some body contouring and a little rounding of the backside. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Buttock size with brazilian buttock lift

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My first comment would be that  the smarlipo  technique is not useful for fat transfer to the buttock.  Traditional liposuction or the Bodyjet device can ensure better fat survival and a better result. Consult with your plastic surgeon regarding this approach before you decide to have a buttock augmentation. 

Regarding your final size, this is determined partially by the amount of fat that you have to donate. In other words, the more fat you have the larger your buttock size can become.  Most patients actually wish they had more fat to donate in order to maximize the buttock volume they can achieve. This is true because about 20-30% of the transferred fat to the buttock will shrink over time.

Review your goals thoroughly with your plastic surgeon regarding size and shape before committing to surgery.

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