Brazilian Butt Lift - Will 350cc Each Side Make a Difference?

I was told by my PS that I could have a possible maximum of 700cc total with my lipo of 4 areas after centrifuge. Is this enough to make a difference. He doesn't want me to expect a big change or be disappointed and I am not. My goal is not to be huge, I have always had the problem with pants fitting uncomfortable in the waist (38 35 38) to accomodate my small behind. I just want some overall balance with clothing. Do you believe this can help.

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Brazilian butt lift

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Everyone's buttocks is different. 350 cc's is certainly a significant augmentation only part of it will remain.. The amount that you will notice will depend on your fram

New York Plastic Surgeon

350cc will make a difference

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It sounds like your plastic surgeon was very thorough and honest during your consult and managing your expectations. 350cc can make a nice difference if your relatively petite. The larger your body frame the less noticeable 350cc will be.

Irvin M. Wiesman, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian buttlift volume

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It is difficult to answer this question without having an idea of your body shape, weight, height and problem areas. Some people have very limited donor sites for fat transfer, which limits the size of augmentation. However, it is preferable to use the fat you are having liposuctioned to throwing it away, if you are interested in body shaping with fat transfers. Like most things in plastic surgery, there is no absolute cutoff or guideline. However, if you have very loose or poorly elastic skin on the buttocks, it may be more difficult to get a firm, raised look to a buttlift with small volumes of fat.

I do believe fat transfer is far preferable to buttock implants for augmentation, however. I think the implants feel too hard, are difficult to sit on, and have a much higher risk of infection.

Tim Sayed, MD, MBA, FACS
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Volume

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If that is all the fat you have to work with, then that is better than throwing it away. It is also better than having buttocks implants. Implants tend to feel and look fake and have a very high complication rate.
As far as the fat volume, I have placed much more than that in many patients and gotten beautiful results. I have also placed less than that in a few patients with very nice results.
The nice thing about the Brazilian Butt Lift, when done by experienced surgeons, is that it can give you a Beautiful shape to your figure, not just enlarge your buttocks like implants do. This is due to taking the fat out from the correct areas as well as placing it in your buttocks in a way that it survives, enlarging your buttocks. It is this combination of the correct fat removal along with getting the fat to survive that makes the Brazilian Butt Lift so dramatic!!!

Buttock Size Change After Fat Injections Should Be Expected To be Modest

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The fat volume of about 350cc per side is fairly standard for many patients. It is a good volume because most of it has a good chance of survival with good technique. Much more than that is prone to a higher percentage of absorption. While everyone's buttocks are of different sizes, 350cc can be expected to make a modest change in buttock size for most patients. Unless the needed fat volume is only about the size of your hand, the result is not going to be spectacular or substantially increase the size of your existing buttocks...that is what synthetic implants are more capable of in a single surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Decide what exactly are your goals before undergoing any surgery. What are your priorities, large butt or enhanced figure?

communicate this clearly with your plastic surgeon. The liposuction of key areas in the body will give you the hour glass appearance and better fit in your clothes as well as in a bikini.

if that fat is used to enhance the buttock then what ever he gets out will furher enhance your shape and body image

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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