Is there any way to stop onion smelling armpit smell? It's very strong and nothing helps. I've already tried botox and miradry

Hi. Ive developed this horrible armpit odor. It smells like raw onions and it happens everyday to me around 4 hours after i shower. I've tried almost all antibacterial soaps, ointments, creams. All they do is burn my skin very bad the smell is still there. Once the smell happens i cannot wash it off. Ive also wasted my money on miradry and botox. Please help its ruining my career

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Look other options

MiraDry has worked well in our office for under arm odor but patients sometimes need to do three treatments. That being said, if the Botox and your MiraDry hasn't worked then what some patients find successful is looking very closely at the foods they eat and things they drink. Some patients have gone so far as to meet with medical doctors to see if they have food allergies and so on. Some patients find eliminating caffeine and other foods has helped.

Sorry things haven't worked for you, best of luck.

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