Is there any way to stop onion smelling armpit smell? It's very strong and nothing helps. I've already tried botox and miradry

Hi. Ive developed this horrible armpit odor. It smells like raw onions and it happens everyday to me around 4 hours after i shower. I've tried almost all antibacterial soaps, ointments, creams. All they do is burn my skin very bad the smell is still there. Once the smell happens i cannot wash it off. Ive also wasted my money on miradry and botox. Please help its ruining my career

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Armpit Odor

MiraDry should help with underarm odor.  The miraDry system uses energy to target and destroy the sweat and odor glands in your underarm. Once those glands are destroyed they do not grow back.  Patients with severe hyperhidrosis and/or bromhidrosis may need 2 treatments, assuming the correct template was used and the setting was set at the highest tolerated level.  Talk with your provider and discuss your concerns as well as other possible causes of odor such as dietary & bacterial issues.  Best wishes, Dr. Aldo :-)  

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Miradry and odor

miraDry and Botox should help somewhat with odor. miraDry recently received FDA clearance for odor reduction. miraDry is performed as a 90 minute treatment. There are 5 different energy levels that your doctor can select. Perhaps you needed a stronger treatment? Or a second session?  Two sessions are recommended for optimal results. Also- have you considered a dietary cause? Do you eat foods with heavy spice such as turmeric or cumin?

Estee Williams, MD
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Raw unions

Different bacteria produce different odors.  Perhaps you should get a bacterial culture and find out if there is some unusual bacteria causing this particular odor.  If it is there are other treatments that might help.  MiraDry helps get rid of the odor glands under your arms.  The bacteria feeds on the product of these glands.

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MiraDry for Odor Concerns

Hi and thank you for your question!

Not sure how many miraDry treatments you had, however, as stated below, it seems sometimes 2-3 treatments are needed for odor concerns. I would recommend you contact the office/doctor where you had the procedure. Find out if you had a level 5 treatment. That's the highest level and is probably needed to resolve the odor issues. If you didn't finish 2-3 treatments, you may want to consider completing the rest of the treatments, as miraDry will be your best non-surgical option for this concern. Botox only helps with the sweating and has no effect on the odor glands.


Dr. Grant Stevens

Grant Stevens, MD
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Look other options

MiraDry has worked well in our office for under arm odor but patients sometimes need to do three treatments. That being said, if the Botox and your MiraDry hasn't worked then what some patients find successful is looking very closely at the foods they eat and things they drink. Some patients have gone so far as to meet with medical doctors to see if they have food allergies and so on. Some patients find eliminating caffeine and other foods has helped.

Sorry things haven't worked for you, best of luck.

Chase Lay, MD
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