Will Fast Braces Work for Me (Overbite, Teeth Spread Out)?

I had a small gap between my two front teeth until I was 11 or so and lost my left top incisor and the adult tooth never came in. My teeth then spread out to compensate. As you can see I also have an overbite. Both my bottom and top teeth stick out more than they should. I am now 24 and can afford to get it fixed. Will Fast braces work for me? Or will I need other treatment??

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Best Treatment For Missing Front Tooth

There are two options when you are missing a front tooth, replace it or close the space. The decision is influenced by the amount of crowding, the bite relationship, and the position of the lips. If there is no other reason to remove a tooth, it is usually best to re-open the space and replace the missing one with a bridge or an implant. If there is crowding or an overbite, then the space can be closed. Either way, the detailing that will be necessary will best be accomplished by conventional orthdontics. Good luck!

Albuquerque Orthodontist

Fast braces aren't necessarily fast!

Based on the pictures you have posted, I recommend either conventional orthodontic treatment with braces attached to your teeth or possibly conventional braces combined with Invisalign. The choice will depend in part on whether or not it is decided to open the space for your missing tooth and place an implant tooth or close the space and eliminate the need for an implant. I suggest relying on your orthodontist's recommendation as to the approach that will best meet your needs.

A note of caution - "Fast braces" are fast in name only. How fast teeth move is determined by each individual's body, not by the type of braces being used. The only way to make orthodontic treatment "fast" is to do a less complete correction. Don't be deceived by marketing hype!

R. William McNeill, DDS, MS
Mercer Island Orthodontist

Traditional orthodontics would work best

Depending on your goal, most forms of orthodontics can work.  If you are trying to open up the space that was lost when the tooth came out, then it will take time and be pretty involved.  Since you have a crossbite, where the lower teeth stick out overlapping the uppers (reverse of ideal), I don't think a "fast" solution should be priority.  It is possible that the result happens faster than anticipated, but you may sacrifice the quality result for the sake of speed.

If you just want things lined up better, and the canine (eye tooth) to be in the lateral spot (where the permanent one never came in), then even 6 Month Smiles® can work.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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