I've Heard Braces Are Painful, Are "Fastbraces" Any Different?

I'm researching different alternatives for "adult" braces. Never had them as a kid

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Beware of so called "Fast Braces"

It is true that there is some discomfort with braces. But everyone has differnet tolerance levels, and the pain is short lived.  Modern materials such as self-ligating brackets and super-elastic wires have made braces much more comfortable.

The fast braces I believe you are referring to, are kits dentists can get to align your front teeth.  The teeth don't necessarily move faster.  They are only moving the front teeth that show when you smile.  They don't address the bite or bigger issues that you may not see, but are more important for your oral health.  If it was good for your teeth and gave the best results, don't you think we would all be doing them?

I would recommend looking into other cosmetic options that orthodontists offer such as clear ceramic braces, Incognito braces (hidden behind your teeth), or Invisalign that are better able to address all your bite issues.

Good luck.

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Most patients report very LITTLE pain from braces

While SOME tenderness should be expected, the level of discomfort is reportedly VERY low.  Most complaints come from the inconvenience factor, as the diet is altered or that the surface of the teeth are now rough.  The most gentle and speedy adult braces method, that "I" have found, is 6 Month Smiles.  The NiTi wire has less torque, so the job gets done with minimal discomfort.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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