Dental Implant After Braces?

Dear Doctor,

I am Albana and I have had braces now for 9 months and I have to keep the braces for 3 more months. At this time my doctor wants to do an dental implant of one tooth while I have braces on. Do you think it is possible?

Should I wait for 3 more months until I take out the braces and them to start with an implant of one missing tooth? I am 23 years old. Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Dental implants and braces

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As long as  there are no more teeth movement in the region of the missin tooth, it's ok to proceed with implant placement. But if there are any chances of further adjustment, then it's better to wait. Also, the orthodontic wire may have to be removed to allow implant placement easier, and then replaced when completed.

Bethesda Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Haste makes waste

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A phrase we use here in the US, "haste makes waste", means rushing into things can lead to problems. Is there a reason the dentist wants to place the implant now? Perhaps timing the placement so integration is done when the braces come off? While that is a worthy goal, there may be some challenges to the orthodontics that are created by having an implant present.

It may not be a big issue, but I would wait.

Dental implant after braces

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It is important to know the overall treatment plan. If the site for the implant will not be changed by the remaining 3 months of orthodontic treatment, then it probably is not a problem to place the implant now. Ask your dentist what are the pros and cons of placing the implant at this point in the treatment process.

Richard Champagne, DMD
Freehold Dentist

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Why do it now?

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Dear Albana,

I completely agree with Dr Minniti. The important question here is why do it now? Sometimes it is better to wait. It really depends on the plan.

It is difficult to say exactly without knowing the plan. Often it is best just to ask the simple questions to your dentist. Having frank and open discussions will allow your dentist to better explain what you are asking.

Ashish Patel, DDS
Atlanta Dentist

Implant before braces are off

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Dear Albana

To your question "is it possible?" I think the short answer is " Technically yes", however it is an impossible question to answer about your specific case without more information about your situation.

You should ask your dentist why he wants to do it now: Does he/she think there is an advantage to doing it now? Does he/she need to do it now due to the current position of your teeth?

3 months is not a long time especially for adult orthodontics. Your teeth may not need to move that far anyway.

What is his/her plan?

I think he/she should be able to offer a good reason for the early placement

Lorenzo Minniti, DDS
Alpharetta Dentist

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