Do I need braces again after forgetting to wear retainer for 4 months? (photo)

I used to wear braces than my doctor told me to put a retainer for 1 year .. I lost it so I only used it for a month then I found it after 4 months and started using it again .. One of my teeth moved backward can I make it move forward again btw using th retainer or should I wear braces again?

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There is no harm in trying to use your retainer, however if it causes significant discomfort or it does not fit at all, you will have to have some orthodontic treatment to realign the teeth.  Invisalign has an Express System 5 which is much less expensive for realigning a few teeth when someone has your situation. 

Starting retainer wear again after braces

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The retainer should move the tooth. Ease into it though... you do not have to seat it completely at first.

Mark Kurchak, DDS
Switzerland Orthodontist

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