Is Subcision Effective On Boxcar Scars? (photo)

I know that they general rule is subcision is effective for "rolling scars mainly and sometimes boxcar scars." But scars vary so much that I'm not exactly sure what is meant by boxcar scars in terms of subcision. Is subcision successful for boxcar scars with clearly defined edges and vertical walls? I have attached an example. If not, is laser really the only way to help these scars?

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Subcision for acne scars

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These are very difficult scars to improve.  Subcision is a good procedure, but also has risks as the scars are within the range of the facial nerve.

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Fat grafting and laser resurfacing likely best option

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Acne scars or similar type scars are difficult to treat with one modality since there are often several issues that are contributing to the scar appearance including fat atrophy under the skin, skin thinning, and skin retraction from the underlying scar tissue.  I have found that fat grafting to the underskin surface help quite a bit.  Additional laser resurfacing afterwards can fine tune the overall result.


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