Should I go to the hospital to get my stitches removed after a breast augmentation? (Photo)

9.29.16 I had a BA done by Dr Freiman in Miami Fl, the RN there told me that it wasn't mandatory that I stay to have them removed he told me I could remove them myself but I am so scared I won't dare. They seem to be internal very thin & clear almost like hair. He told me after 7 days they must be removed in order to avoid infection , I've been calling the clinic but due to the hurricane in Florida I haven't been able to reach anyone . When I go to the hospital what should I tell them ? HELP!

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Sutures/Incision Care

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If you cannot see your own Plastic Surgeon you can visit a local Doctor or nurse to assist you. Typically, steri strips close just the outer layer of skin and dissolvable sutures are deeper, internal and do not need to be removed. There could be an end of these sutures sticking out, just requiring a trim. You would do best to have this assessed in person.

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Have them removed by doctor

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It’s best not to remove the sutures yourself. Your family doctor can do this for you if you can’t get in touch with your surgeon.

Should I go to the hospital to get my stitches removed after a breast augmentation? (Photo)

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I would suggest that you see a local PS to examine your incision and remove the sutures. You can also go to your primary care doctor but a PS will better be able to assess the incision. Good luck!

Do not go to the ER just to get sutures removed

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remove the steristrip and make an appt with your family dr and his nurse can take out your sutures. you will not get an infection if they are not removed immediately but you should get them removed over the next few days. 

do not worry, it will all be fine.

david berman md

Should I go to the hospital to get my stitches removed after a breast augmentation?

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Thank you for your question.I would suggest that you see your primary care doctor for suture removal.  If he or she is uncomfortable allow them to refer you to an appropriate plastic surgeon.  An emergency room visit might be terribly expensive

Remove the Tape as Recommended by Surgeon

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Dressings will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may be placed in a sports bra; others will wear a stabilizing elastic support strap. Your doctor will decide after surgery and in subsequent weeks, what is necessary for your needs. Since your surgeon has placed this tape over your sutures and mentioned that you should remove this yourself, you should do as recommended. Like the others mentioned it is best to follow the instructions of your surgeon after surgery. Once the tape is removed and the incision and sutures are open to air they will keep healing. If you find yourself concerned about the healing process and you can still not reach your surgeon, then you may be able to visit the hospital and see if a surgeon there is able to assist you. But, your own surgeon is always the best reference. Good luck!

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Your surgeon

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Based on the pictures you have posted, everything appears to be satisfactory. I would wait until you can see your surgeon. As far as the stern strips are concerned, if you were instructed to remove the tape by your surgeon after 7 days then that is what I would do. Typically after the tape is removed, you can leave the incision open to air and place your bra as instructed. I would contact the surgeon's office once the weather is better to confirm your follow up appointment so that your incision and breast can be evaluated.

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Dr. Ravi Somayazula

Ravi Somayazula, DO
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Remove tape

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The first thing to do is to gently remove the tapes.  The sutures are underneath and they can be better evaluated with the tapes off.

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