Looking for the best laser for hair removal for a Hispanic? (Photo)

I've been to a couple of consultations for laser hair removal. They all have their own different treatment plans and lasers. Before I spend the money, I would like to know which laser would be the best for my skin so I can reengage with the various clinics. I am Hispanic, tan easily, can burn but rarely happens. My tan last a long time. Looking to get my legs and Brazilian done. Thanks!!

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What is the best laser for hair removal for Hispanic?

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Hello, thank you for your question.  For LHR on Hispanic skin, the question that you should be asking is.... what wavelength are you able to provide me?  The 1064 wavelength is safest with darker skin types. LHR is a series of treatments, usually 6-8 treatments done between 4-8 weeks apart depending on the area being treated.

Good Luck!

Laser hair removal

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It is a little difficult to tell from your photos but based on your description it sounds as if you might do well with several different lasers.  What is more important, are the laser settings that are used.  For this reason, I would strongly recommend you see a physician who is experienced in laser hair removal who perhaps has more than one laser hair removal device.  Occasionally doing test spots prior to treatment can be useful in determining the ideal treatment. Best, Dr. Chwalek 

Jennifer Chwalek, MD
New York Dermatologist

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