6 sessions into treatment. Is laser hair removal working for me?

I have pale skin and black coarse hair and was a good candidate for great results. It was going great until there is now regrowth in all hairs treated. I know hairs grow back but some are growing back white and my dark hairs are finer and lighter. I'm 22 your male and I think my practitioner is using the polaris nd yag laser on me. The hairs are being removed but after a few weeks all the hairs seem to regrow but white and some really soft. Is laser hair removal working for me?

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Laser hair removal

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Hi there, if the hairs are becoming finer and lighter it is working for you. Laser hair removal should actually be called laser hair reduction as each time only a bit of the hair is removed and usually 8-10 treatments are needed for 80-90% reduction in most people. The coarser the hair you started with, the more treatments needed to get you to that 80-90% mark.

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Laser hair removal is a process that will take several months to fully see your final results.

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Hello, and thanks for sharing your question. Based on your description, it sounds like your laser hair removal treatments are working, although you may still need a few more sessions before you can fully enjoy your results. This is because of the way that laser hair removal works. The laser light targets the melanin in the hair follicles, which is why you may notice that your hair is coming in much lighter and finer. Keep in mind that you may have some light hair regrowth, but with each new treatment session, you should notice less and less coming back in. If you’re concerned about your progress, discuss this with your cosmetic surgeon or laser technician to make sure you’re still on track to meet your goals.

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