Can I undergo laser hair removal whilst on acne medication/epiduo?

Hi, im going in for my second laser hair removal treatment on the facial area, is it okay to do this whilst using a cream medication (Epiduo ) on my face ? I use the cream every night and it eventually causes the skin to peel but has not yet done so as i have only been using it for a week, i dont want to stop using it as it would undo any progress and would mean i must start all over. So my question is, is it okay to undergo laser while taking this med ? Thankyou

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Laser hair removal on a Retin A derivative

The skin becomes more sensitive to the laser while on Retin A. Most docs will say to discontinue use of this 3 days prior to the laser. Since you have just started it, it is best to stop prior to treatments. Sometimes with long term users, I will allow them to continue it because their skin has grown accustom to the cream.

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You don't have to start over!

Epiduo can increase sun sensitivity, but isn't contraindicated for laser treatment. I would consult with your Dr if you're concerned. Best, Dr. Emer

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