Can Botox Make You Sick if It is Injected INTO a Vein Near my Eye?

Can Botox Make You Sick if It is Injected INTO a Vein Near my Eye?

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The dose of Botox that will cause symptoms is 2500 units and the usual dose of Botox is 20units/area. 

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Botox and illness

how Botox can cause a systemic effect such as feeling ill, is not well studied. Certainly quick uptake by the venous circulation might cause symptoms when normal injections in the dermis or subcutaneous tissues or muscles would allow for a slower uptake of the medicine and less peripheral symptoms. If there is a drop of blood or a bruise, it doesn't mean the Botox went in a vein though. The needle stick can disrupt the vein wall before or after the Botox is introduced to the surrounding tissue.  Vague symptoms are rarely reported and when they are they tend to be self-limiting.


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As near as we can tell, it does not need to be injected into a vein to create side effects.

One of the most common side effects of BOTOX is a mild flu like syndrome that is reported in about 3% of patients getting cosmetic BOTOX.  This is regarded as a systemic effect.  It is unlikely that injection into a vein is needed.  The drug primarily is taken up by the muscles to be treated, but yes a small amount is distributed into the general circulation.  This tiny amount of BOTOX seems to be the basis of not feeling well for a short period of time after a cosmetic treatment in a small percentage of patient.

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Can Botox Make You Sick if It is Injected INTO a Vein Near my Eye?

 Mild headache or flu-like symptoms have been reported.  Most Botox treatments are very well tolerated and I have been using Botox for well over 22 years.  Go back and see the MD that did your Botox treatment if you're concerned.

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