How Do I Get Botox Injections for Migraines?

Do I Go to Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon or Neurologist for botox migraine treatment?

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Any and all of the above would be able to give you Botox treatments.  You may want to start with the Neurologist that treats you for your migraines and see if he/she is experienced using Botox.

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Botox for Migraines

Interesting thing that a friend of mine just brought this up today. After proper diagnosis of the condition and if everything a neurologist does fails in treating migraines, botulinum toxin may be used with good success rates. Its not an all cure, but it does manage to cut down on the number of migraine attacks that you have. The injections are placed in certain areas and a person with a history of successfully treating the condition is able to administer the drug.

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Botox received FDA approval for migraine treatment

Botox recently received FDA approval for migraine treatment meaning that most major insurance plans will cover the treatment.  However, in order to be covered, it must be documented that you have failed most medical therapy which is usually prescribed by a neurologist.  A doctor that is experienced in Botox injections for migraine treatment will be the best practitioner to visit for treatment.  This may include dermatologists, plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, and neurologists.

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Treatment of migraines with Botox

I would encourage you to get a consultation with a neurologist if you've  never seen one for your migraines and ask them about Botox.  The number of units may be different from what many of us are accustomed to using for cosmetic reasons and the trigger points may be different in different patients.

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Botox for migraine headaches

Botox is quite effective at reducing the severity and frequency of migraine headaches. We ask that patients first have a workup by a neurologist. You would not want to get Botox for headaches caused by a brain tumor or aneurysm! Botox treatments are then best optimized to the patient's physiology over time with a single caring attentive physician.

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Many options = the best approach is team work and experience.

This is a very interesting question.
Many people will answer it based on their personal profession as the best to address the problem.

Neurologist are the specialist that know everything about headaches. They are the ones that best know how to medicate for your migraines, if that is your diagnosis.
Their approach to botox for migraines (if they believe on it) is to give you tons of medication through out your face and skull to try to control the symptomes. (in my opinion an overkill). I might add that their knowledge in facial and neck anatomy is limited.

Dermatologist are the specialist that know everything about your skin. They became involved with migraine treatment because of their cosmetic use of botox for facial wrinkles.
Their approach to botox for migraines is limited to the ones related to the frowning muscles and maybe to the temporal area. (in my opinion an undertreatment if your case is more complex). I might add that their knowledge in neck anatomy is limited.

Finally, Plastic surgeons. I know. They just make people beautiful. However, they are the ones who started the application of botox for facial cosmetics, and the ones that have developed the surgeries for the treatment of migraines.
Because of their global knowledge of surgery in face and skull, their knowledge of anatomy is the most precise.

The bottom line is...
Not everybody is capable of doing the job. Despite of their training, the most important element to decide is the experience and the reviews that the patients give to their doctors.

Hope this can guide your decision.

See a specialist who is recommened to use Botox for migraines

You can go to any of those specialists for Botox migraine treatments.  Simply ask them if they perform this treatment when scheduling the appointment.  It is a straightforward procedure and any of those specialist should feel comfortable with it.

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Botox for migraines in Santa Monica

Botox has been clinically indicated for the treatment of migraines. A conservative approach is often a good start. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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Botox for Migraines may work

Botox for migraine headaches is not a cure-all, but does work for a large number of people.  Insurance will typically cover this treatment if you have a formal diagnosis of chronic migraines and have tried other medications (that don't work well).

If you have migraine headaches, you need to be under the care of a board-certified neurologist to guide your treatment.

If Botox improves your migraines, you may be a candidate for surgical treatment to permanently eliminate or minimize your headache symptoms.  There are currently few surgeons in the country who perform this procedure, which can be remarkably effective.


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Botox for treating Migranes

Treatment of migranes is a very individualized process.  The first step is to see a qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon that can understand and guide you through the multiple surgical and nonsurgical options.  The patient must present with an active migrane.  Only migranes that are triggered by compression of peripheral nerves can be treated with botox, luckily at least in my practice this includes the majority.  A plastic surgeon with craniofacial experience can easily identify the possible locations of triggering and a diagnosis is made by stimulating and relaxing the muscles manually with special massage techniques or injecting a small amount of lidocaine near the triggering nerve.   If the migrane is treated, the diagnosis is made and options are reviewed.  The next step is to give the patient a trial of local muscular relaxation with botox administration which must not only significantly chemodenervate the local muscles, but also must be balanced through the face so as not to create an aesthetic deformity.  depending on level of relief, duration of relief and patient preferences, most patients opt for a permanent treatment without recurring cost.  The identified trigger nerve is decompressed in a quick in office surgical procedure and a small amount of fat is placed around the nerveto cushion and protect it from further irritation.   Patient staisfaction is very high with this protocol.  Remember there are many practitioners that will be willing to inject Botox for migranes who do not have the anatomical, physiological or surgical knowledge and experience to produce a result.  I strongly recommend seeing a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who can guide you.

All the best,

Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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