Is Botox Injection at a Beauty Salon Legal in California?

Thinking about going to my beauty salon to have Botox done, but want to make sure it is legal to administer by a legal doctor in a beauty shop in the state of California. Thanks!

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Is it legal in California?

Dear Lori

Why, oh why? You know its not right or you would not have emailed us!

There is of course something wrong if a doctor can't be successful practicing aesthetic medicine in the actual office, where you can be properly examined, photographed and treated in a clean environment.

Will the person doing the treatment at this hair salon actually be a licensed physician? Or will it be one of the aestheticians doing the treatment? In Los Angeles, there are a number of nurses who circulate among these type of establishments doing BOTOX and fillers. Is this a legal-no but the authorities lack the recourses to crack down an all these bogus situations.

Going back to your question. If this were a licensed doctor performing your treatment, would it be legal? The answer may depend on the local ordinances. Many communities require that the practice of medicine (that is what injecting BOTOX is) need to be done in a properly zone facility. Generally solons are not zoned for the practice of medicine. Also authorities are concerned with the generation of hazardous waste in the form of dirty needles that have been used to inject these products. The simple answer is the one you know already which is these are bogus situation and you should not get medical treatment from you hair salon.

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Botox injection at a beauty salon.

With so many reputable, well-trained physicians in California who practice aesthetic medicine, I am not sure why you would consider entrusting your care to a beauty salon. You could try, however, looking up this doctor on the Medical Board of California's website. He/she could very well be a board certified facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist; on the other hand, you would certainly want to know if you were dealing with a podiatrist, radiologist or someone who is completely illigitimate.

Good luck and be well.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
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Your Concern Is Misplaced

The legality of the license status of the physician performing the injections should be the worry of the beauty salon and the physician.

You should be more concerned whether this is an appropriate place to perform a medical procedure. If I were you I would also be think twice regarding the qualifications of the physician. What type of physician would degrade his professional stature by performing injections in a beauty salon? Would you honestly feel comfortable in the hands of such a physician?

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
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