I Had Some Botox in my Forehead 5 Days Ago and I've Noticed my Eyebrows Are Slightly Lower. Will It Get Better?

My eyebrows are slightly lower and it looks like I'm frowning when I'm relaxed. I've also noticed a v shaped lump on my forehead just above the area people get 11's when I raise my eyebrows.. it feels like its muscular, not infection or something. I've been told it can take 2 weeks for it to settle. I'm disappointed with the results so far. Do you think these areas will improve?

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I recommend that you read about microdroplet botox treatment.

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You heavy brow is the result of how the botox injection was performed.  It might actually get worse.  It could very well take several months for the effect to wear off.  I recommend that you get a different type of Botox treatment in the future.

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The drooping will not improve until tyour Botox starts to wear off.

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At 5 days the  treated muscles are still "relaxing" and you will most likely see a change from what you are seeing at 5 days after the injection.  The final result is usually about 2 weeks.  If your eyebrows are low at this point, they may get even lower and there is nothing you can do to raise them.  You will have to wait for the Botox to wear off which can take 3 months.  Followup with your doctor so that they can take after photos.  It will be helpful for future treatments to compare the photos and evaluate your original dosing, placement of injections, ie your "recipe" in order to change it for unsatisfactory results or keep it the same if the results are satisfactory.  Botox is as much about shaping as it is about wrinkles.  It is very important who you select for a provider.  You can locate a board certified plastic surgeon in your area by checking the practice locator at surgery.org.  This is the website for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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Unhappy with Botox result so far

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Your eyebrows will not raise at this point, and they may even become a bit lower, which is unfortunate. The V-shape you are referring to happens when the glabella muscle needs a bit more Botox and it happens because the muscle portion above and below it are stopped, but that portion tries to still move and pull down, which creates an odd V in the middle of the forehead. A few extra units here will stop that from happening. But the brows being lowered is just going to take time to resolve. And you need to tell your injector this happened so they can go a bit higher next time with the injections.

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I Had Some Botox in my Forehead 5 Days Ago and I've Noticed my Eyebrows Are Slightly Lower.

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Botox usually takes 10 days to see full result. If your eyebrows have begun to droop then your only option is to wait 3-4 months till its worn off, unfortunately theres nothing you can do to speed this process. 

I have lumpiness and brow droop from botox.

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Unfortunately, there is not much to do about the brow droop until the botox wears off.  However, with your next treatment it can be tailored to help elevate the brows.  Be sure to pick a reputable injector with experience.  The lump in your forhead is hard to know without seeing it.  Maybe a small bruise or perhaps you need slightly more botox in that area to soften it.  Don't give up on botox.  Most people are thrilled with the results and the long term improvements are fantastic.  Try another provider if you weren't happy.  Sometimes it's just bad luck with the first injection.

Brian Dorner, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

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