Botox for Embarrassing Lip/philtrum Tremors - How Does It Work?

When Im even slightly nervous and feeling self-concious my philtrum/upper lip will tremble quite badly (plus I also have a double lip deformity that must be fixed-see my previous question). This has made me avoid talking at times and ruined my social life completely. Ive read somewhere botox can help, but, I'm afraid of a few things: my upper lip 'drooping' and paralysis/stiffness of the upper lip that will affect my speech and not show my upper teeth. please help, I need to fix this ASAP. thanx

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Upper lip tremors and Botox

If a physician who is an expert at Botox injections considers you a candidate for this off-label procedure, they could not guarantee you wouldn't get the results you're afraid will occur, and they can last for three to four months before it resolves.  You would be best served to allow the doctor to put in the smallest dose, such as 1 Unit per site and space them far enough to minimize any chance of having an additive effect in the overlapping zones. If you allow them to do this, it may help your tremors and you may find that you will continue to have it time as it wears off, but realize that each time it's done, no matter how expertly and without problems in the past, the next treatment may cause the lip droop. Fortunately it is temporary without long term consequences, but the three to four months will seem like an eternity to you.

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Botox for lip tremors

As tempting as it sounds, the issue with the Botox is that it works constantly, and the tremors come and go, so although it might lessen the tremors, it might also affect the ability to purse your lips for drinking and speaking when you are not having tremors

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I would recommend an assessment by a facial plastic surgeon or Neurologist.

This would be a relatively unique treatment situation.  For that reason, there is simply no substitute for an in person consultation.  It is possible that some of the oral medications to control tremors might also be helpful for you.  Whether it is an oral medication or BOTOX, the key is balancing the benefits and treatment complications to find a treatment that is right for you.

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Botox for the upper lip


To give you the most honest answer, a face to face consult would be best.  Many women do Botox in the upper lip for the vertical lip lines and rather than cause a droopy or saggy upper lip it can actually give a slight bit of fullness. The nice thing about Botox is that you can fine tune it...start with a very small amount and add more if needed.  There's hope. It's best to find an experienced injector and have a consult face to face. 

Good luck~

Dr. Grant Stevens

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