I've Had Botox off 3 Different Consultants and Each Time Still Nothing! I'm Hoping This Bocouture Will Work Any Advice?

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Botox Consults

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I recommend seeing a plastic surgeon for a full facial aesthetic consultation. I frequently hear this complaint and usually it is after patients relieved too small a quantity of Botox. Generally, most women could benefit from 38 units and men 50 units of Botox.

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Bocouture vs Botox

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Bocouture is a botulinum toxin A just like Botox but it is not approved for use in the U.S. at this time. My advice would be to have your injections done by a trained physician injector and to follow-up maybe 2 weeks after your injections to see how everything looks. I don't know why Botox would have done "nothing" unless it was being used on static muscles, the wrong dilution, or an inexperience injector. Botox may not be the right solution for your needs, but it should always do "something".

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