Can Medical Assistants and Estheticians Administer Botox in NC State?

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Aestheticians and Md's applying Botox

We don't know in North Carolina but for sure not in Florida. Each State has different guidelines.

Miami Plastic Surgeon
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RNs and MDs can do Botox....PERIOD! ......and nationally

Only MDs and RNs can legally do Botox any where in the United States.  Injecting a chemical into the body is a very major issue and cannot be done without proper professional degrees.  I believe there have been many breaches of this.  Report this to your state nursing and medical boards.  My Best,  Dr C

George Commons, MD
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Aesthesticians and Medical Assistants Admin Botox

Most Aestheticians and Medical Assistants are high school graduates at best, I would never let either touch my face with a needle!!!!  Be wise, if a doctor is allowing this they must be "not so smart" and I would go to the FDA website to see if they are importing this from abroad which is a huge problem in this economy.  In the state of GA, you must be a MD, DO, PA or NP (with the later two being certified) to inject.  I would find another practice and not let them put your health at risk.

John Frodel, MD
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon
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The law and who can administer botox

Each state has different laws so you should check with the medical board. Regardless of the law, I always caution patients to use common sense. Only a handful of physicians get the formal training in their residency on the muscle anatomy, and understand where delicate structures such as nerves, arteries and veins are and how to minimize complications. These specialists include dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Non physicians do not get formal training over years in this and often learn with a 1 hour or weekend crash course. Who are you going to trust your face too?

Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
Stamford Dermatologic Surgeon
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