Bunny Nose After Botox. How Do I Avoid This Effect?

I've noticed that the mid upper part of the nose scrunches/sags down and creates horizontal lines after botox sometimes and I want to avoid that in the future. Any suggestions? I have strong frown lines in the mid-forehead area between the eyebrows, so I do need botox there, but I don't want the bunny nose effect!

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Bunny lines typically respond well to treatment with Botox

Suggest you see a physician who has had significant experience treating bunny lines with Botos

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Best Treatment for "Bunny Lines", Not Bunny Nose


While most bunnies have very cute little bunny noses, no one is fond of the wrinkles that appear with age on movement of the upper 1/3 of an aging human nose.  These lines have been affectionately termed "Bunny Lines".

Bunny lines are more obvious when the neighboring areas of the forehead and crow's feet area of the eyes have been treated with Botox or other neuromodulators.  Sometimes the surrounding facial muscles that have not been treated increase their activity, in this case creating noticeable bunny lines.

A small dose of neuromodulator (Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin) stratigically placed will smooth these unwanted wrinkles.

By the way, speaking of bunnies, have you ever noticed how similar jack rabbits are to kangaroos?  The big ears, the protruding eyes, the snout, and those big hoppity hop  lower legs?  I think there may be an evolutionary DNA connection there.  Good luck and be well.

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Botox for Bunny Lines too


The best way to take care of the bunny lines you're noticing is to treat them as well when you are having the glabellar (between the brows) area and forehead treated.  When the other muscles in that area aren't working and you are still trying to frown or furrow the muscles on the bridge of the nose become the most active. It's easy to make this little adjustment and then you won't be bothered by the bunny lines.

Dr. Grant Stevens

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Bunny Nose After Botox. How Do I Avoid This Effect?

 The Bunny Nose is from contraction of the Procerus nasal muscle.  When Botox is injected into the Glabella and the forehead, the Procerus may be recruited when attempting to use the relaxed, Botoxed muscles.  A small amount of Botox into the Procerus should take care of the scrunching effect.  

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Bunny lines and Botox

Bunny lines are easily treated with Botox.  Make sure you select an expert injector, either a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon, for great results every time.

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Preventing "bunny lines" with botulinum toxin

It is not uncommon for some people to have overactive muscles on the nasal bridge and sides of the nose.  This can be a natural occurrence or can be cause by "recruitment" of these muscles when your glabellar (frown line between the eyebrow) muscles are weakened with botulinum toxin treatments.  In order to prevent or treat these "bunny lines", botulinum toxin can be used carefully in these overactive muscles as well as your normal treatment.  Make sure you choose an experienced injector with knowledge of facial anatomy such as a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon when considering any type of facial injections. 

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Correction of Botox-induced bunny lines on the nose

Some people's muscles on the nose over compensate when the glabella, between the eyebrows, becomes relaxed with Botox.  The scrunching up of the upper side of the nose trying to do what the glabella had done prior to Botox, can create these diagonal lines.  A couple of units carefully placed can help diminish the bunny / tiger lines.  In some people, however, the lines then extend longer and it is in this case that is dangerous to chase the lines further on the lower side of the nose with Botox as it may affect the smile.

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Bunny lines from Botox

Its farily common for patients to develope Bunny lines on the nose after Botox tretments between the brows. Next time you have the brows treated ask your physician to treat the Bunny lines as well. It only takes a small dose and will correct the probelm for you.

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