If you get Botox and decide to stop then what happens to the area that you got Botox injected into?

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When You Stop Botox. . .

Dear writer, Thank you for your question. If you get Botox and then decide to stop, the lines where you got Botox injected will gradually return to its original prominence, and you’ll experience more movement in that area. Botox typically lasts on average from three to four months depending on how constant you get it. Generally, the more you do injectable treatments the less you need them. Although, every individual’s body and muscles react differently so it's best to check on this with your board certified plastic surgeon. Thanks again for your question and I am happy to be of service.

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Lines and wrinkles return after stopping Botox

Good question. There are no harmful effects to stopping Botox, but as your muscles will no longer be relaxed, lines or wrinkles will gradually return. The longer you had Botox consistently injected, the longer it should take for the wrinkles to return. However, remember that Botox does not stop aging, so the older you are, the more wrinkles you will naturally develop. You can always go back to Botox later though if you choose to.

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Long term consequences of treatment with Botox

A common misconception some patients have is that once you begin receiving Botox treatments the injected areas will look worse if the treatments are stopped than if those areas had never been injected before.

Botox works by relaxing the muscles causing dynamic wrinkles - meaning the wrinkles that form during facial expressions. The skin sits on top of the muscle, and wrinkles when the muscle underneath it moves. While Botox works, the muscle relaxes and the skin is not wrinkled - giving the skin time to soften and smooth out.

During the 3-4 months the Botox is active, the muscle is unable to "work out", so it gets smaller and weaker so that even if the Botox is stopped, the muscles will create weaker and smaller wrinkles than before treatment.

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Wrinkles return after stopping Botox treatment

Botox is great option to temporarily reduce facial wrinkles. However, the wrinkles return once you stop Botox treatments. Patients don't necessarily look worse after stopping. But keep in mind, that the skin continues to change due to natural aging, sun damage, smoking, etc. Many patients decide to have Botox treatment a couple times a year to maintain smooth skin.


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Stopping Botox After its Previous Use is Safe

Dear writer, Stopping Botox After its Previous Use is Safe. As the attached images show, the long term use of Botox (every six months, sometimes even longer) can markedly soften and almost eliminate lines in the frown, forehead and crows feet areas. Should you, however, decide at some point in the future not to continue with the Botox treatment, you will lose the effect of wrinkle reduction, but that does not mean that it will get worse than your baseline or starting point. Best wishes from Miami, Dr. Bowes

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What happens if you decide to stop using Botox? Are there problems?

This is a frequent question. It is rare that Botox users decide to stop as the results are typically very gratifying. It is more frequently the case that people choose to seek fewer units or less frequent treatments due to budget reasons. If you were to use Botox for a period of time and then stop you can expect your facial expression and movement to return to its previous level. There won't be any long-term change once the Botox wears off at 3-4 months following your final treatment.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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The discontinuing of Botox

If you decide to stop receiving Botox injections, there is no issue with this. You will slowly lose any improvements that you gained, but you will not be any worse off.

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Botox effects after #botox wear off...


If you even do Botox just once in your life, for those 3 months you prevent formation and deepening of wrinkles and lines. Nothing bad happens if you decide not to do Botox anymore.

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If you get Botox and decide to stop then what happens to the area that you got Botox injected into?

Overtime with use of Botox the muscles will relax but this means less wrinkles. Once Botox wears off the muscles with regain strength.

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Botox effects

If you have Botox and then stop, the muscle strength and lines will return.

If you have had Botox every 3 months x 2 years, you have a 70% chance this will not happen.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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