Did I receive fake Botox? Or was the Botox faulty?

For 2+ years, I've been getting quarterly Botox injections for migraines. The most recent injections were September 1. Since then, I have had no paralysis in my forehead. I am able to wrinkle my forehead, raise my eyebrows, and wiggle my ears. Usually, these muscles are all paralyzed. In addition, my migraines have returned like gangbusters. What is more likely . . . bad Botox, or switcheroo? And what can I do to prevent this in the future?

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Did I receive fake Botox? Or was the Botox faulty?

Its best you return to your medical provider, you may need more units applied or it could have been a bad batch, there are numerous possibilities.

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Obviously something's not right

lots of possibilities and it's impossible to pin them down without knowing more about the circumstances...irrespective of all of this, you need to discuss the situation with the injector...let's say the botox was real...was it stored properly...did some inexperienced technician draw air into the syringe instead of the botox...was there an error in dilution...lots of possibilities aside from the ones you suggest...but no way to know other than to revisit the scene of the "crime"...please let us know the results of your discussion

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Did I receive real Botox?

Thanks so much for your question. There is no way to know for certain at this point. However, I would be reluctant to think a physician is injecting something other than Botox. The Botox my have been ineffective in some way. Speak to that person about reinjecting the area.

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Botox reaction

Frankly, my goal in injecting Botox is not to paralyze your facial musculature. The question really is whether your wrinkles are less noticeable. I can't respond in terms of migraines but you should discuss with your injector. I cannot agree more as to Groupon and experiences with injectors who are unknowledgable about facial musculature--sometimes you get what you pay for.

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Did I receive fake Botox?

Did you go to the same injector all of these times, or did you seek out some kind of special promotion, Groupon, or deal from a new injector? If you've been seeing the same injector for everything, I'd simply suggest you call back and say, "this was my current experience...what do you think happened?" If you went to someone new it's nearly impossible to tell you what you did or did not get. You can ask for the vial number and call Allergan to see if the vial was a legitimate vial. But there's also a possibility it was true Botox but just overly constituted and therefore very weak.

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