Is scar revision an option for Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift? (Photo)

I had a TT and BL 9 months ago. My scars started opening up and stitches started to come out. They took months to heal and now I'm left with ugly scars on my TT scar, under my breasts and belly button. My doctor has been injecting them for months but they look awful. I have tried silicon strips, scar guard,hydroquinone but scars are still bumpy and itch and burn. My PS refuses to do a revision because my skin "doesn't heal right" but I've had other surgeries in the past with no visible scars!

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Scar Management Methods Following a Mommy Makeover

Your #healing will continue for 2-3 months following the procedure(s) as the #scars will be evolving. If my patients have concerns that something is unusual about their healing process, it is important for them to call the office and discuss these concerns or come in to be examined. Also some severe scars can be treated with re-excision, laser, kenalog/5-FU injections, creams, silicone strips and other methods to reduce and improve healing. Additionally, scar therapy with scar maturation products (e.g. BioCorneum or Embrace) are suggested for managing scars. However, we recommend you wait to use scar improving products until a few weeks following your surgery.

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Want a scar revision. Surgeon won't do it!

I can't make your surgeon revise your scars.
But if you were my patient I would suggest scar revision but starting with one area to be sure it heals satisfactorily.

Your description suggests you had an intense reaction to absorbing sutures. I would use different sutures if possible in a scar revision. The scar will need lengthy support with silicone and steristrps. The Embrace scar system should be considered.

There are many superb plastic surgeons in Boston. If you cannot persuade your surgeon to help you, you will find many who can.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Scar revision

It's unfortunate you are having issues.   It appears you had significant healing issues but attempt at scar revision maybe worthwhile.  Also post revision incision care will be very important. 

Peter Kreymerman, MD, FACS
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Tummy Tuck : Scars and Treatment

I am sure you are frustrated. When things don't work out, this is unfortunate. I believe you had an infection. You describe this as months to heal and the stitches coming out. Also other procedures didn't do this. This means we have a good chance of the revision "working well!"

Scar revisions should be considered after about a year. Give it time. If the other treatments work, than you won't have to redo it all.

If it comes to surgical revision, I usually tell my patients that the chances of improvement are 75-90 %. Not all revisions work. Many can have dramatic improvement. If it doesn't work, it rarely makes it worse. Just the recurrence of the hypertrophic scarring comes back.

Also, since this happened to you, we can make changes because we have learned things. Different sutures can be used. Also injections are much more successful at preventing scars than getting rid of them. The steroid can be used at the time of the operation and monthly to decrease your recurrence chances.

Good Luck! 
Dr Chris Saunders

Christopher Saunders, MD
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Keloid Scarring

This is very unfortunate for you. Keloid scarring can be very unpredictable. Without a doubt these scars will not go away by themselves and further injections or silicon strips are delaying the inevitable which is to have these scars revised. Knowing you have issues with healing the post operative process would be dealt with slightly differently by introducing the steroid injections earlier and closely monitoring you in the first month after surgery. Good luck with your revision if that's what you choose to do.

Benjamin Norris, MbCHb, FRACS(Plast)
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Scar revision

Most surgeons recommend waiting a year for scars to improve but from the photos you probably will still have problems.I think scar revision will be worth trying but perhaps what your physician is trying to say is you could have healing problems again and even if no healing issues sometimes your new scars may or may not be improved 

Robert Savage, MD (retired)
Wellesley Plastic Surgeon
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Is scar revision an option for Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift?

Yes scar revison should be done to improve these scars   However, you may have a tendency to develope hypertrophic scars which may recur but discuss this with your Surgeon   Best to you

Constance M. Barone, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Need for scar revision

I do not think that topical scar creams will do a whole lot of good. I would think that you would do well with a scar revision but certainly would need to know more history as to how any previous surgery and scars have healed. You should wait until the skin has return to a soft condition before a revision.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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Scar after surgery

At nine months you have not fully healed. Having said that I ask my patients to wait one year after surgery then reassess. If we both agree that the scars can be approved I will go ahead and revise them.

Frank J. Ferraro, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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Poor scars

I am sorry that this has not worked out for you as you wish. The scars are noticeable and aside the addition of laser I think you have tried all that one would consider to help. Personally if things don't improve over the coming months I would offer you a scar revision. Unfortunately this would mean reopening a significant area and you may consider revising the tummy tuck scar first which is certainly the most stretched and noticeable. The breast scars don't look as bad although again they could be revised if they are troubling you. I wouldn't revise the vertical limb scars though. There are pros and cons of reopening your scars and I would leave it some time longer. It sounds like you have being seeing your PS a lot and I am sure if you are willing to take on the risks of scar revision that he/she would offer this in due course.

Gary L. Ross, MBChB, FRCS
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