How long does coolsculpting take to flatten stomach?

below I attached a couple photos of my boyfriend and we were wondering how many treatments it would take for him achieve a flat stomach with coolsculpting ? And on average how much does it cost ? Is it worth the money ? Will he get the results he is wanting ? Sorry for all the questions hope someone can help answer them :) looking forward to hearing from you !

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How long does CoolSculpting take to flatten stomach?

CoolSculpting can be used to reduce fat on the front of the stomach, but an exam would be needed to determine if someone might be a good candidate for the treatment.  While a single treatment can give reduction of fat to the treated area (including the front of the stomach), the number of treatments needed can vary by individual.  If just an improvement is desired, one session may be all that is needed.  If someone is looking for the most amount of fat reduction possible, then multiple treatments may be needed.  It can take several months after the treatment to see the full effect.  

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SculpSure Results in 6-12 Weeks

SculpSure provides results to your abdomen and flanks in 6-12 weeks. I spotlight SculpSure rather than CoolSculpting because SculpSure is the best laser treatment on the market. It reduced 25% of your unwanted stubborn fat, and patients only need to spend 25-minutes in our office receiving the treatment.

In fact, patients complete the treatment and walk out of our office ready to resume their ordinary activities. SculpSure is the only FDA-approved laser to provide the quickest treatment (25-minutes) and easiest recovery (none).

I suggest you consult a board certified facial plastic surgeon to receive the highest quality knowledge, treatment, advice and skill as you move forward with learning about fat trimming techniques.

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The cost of Coolsculpting depends on how many areas you are having treated. Each area can vary from $600 to $750 dollars. You should speak to your practitioner about how many sessions you will need on each area as well so that you have realistic financial and aesthetic expectations.
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Coolsculpting and the Abdomen

Coolsculpting is highly effective, especially in the abdominal area.  The procedure will decrease a bulge by approximately 25% in a given area.  The price varies depending on which size applicator is used which ranges from $750 to $1500.  An in person consultation is the only way to give you a true opinion on the number of treatments it will take.  Please be certain to consult a board certified dermatologist with expertise in coolsculpting for the best cosmetic results.

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Coolsculpting to flatten stomach

Based on clinical studies, coolsculpting will eliminate approximately 20% of the fat cells. To provide the level of correction that is normally provided with liposuction, you will generally need 2 treatments of coolsculpting in each area. The elimination of the fat cells is permanent, and the results are excellent as long as the patient maintains his or her weight, eats a reasonable diet, and maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Patients will start to see results in 3 to 4 weeks with optimal results in 12 to 18 weeks.

Most facilities will charge by area and the type of applicator used with the price for coolsculpting varying greatly. The costs for coolsculpting vary across the country with coolsculpting generally being more expensive in areas such as New York or Los Angeles, or in areas with few certified coolsculpting centers. We charge starting at $600 per area with the smaller applicators such as coolcore. We charge starting at $1200 per area with the larger applicator. Most centers provide savings for multiple areas.

The procedure is worthwhile and has one of the highest levels of satisfaction of any procedure we do.

Consult with 3 experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons who have certified coolsculpting centers to understand your options.

Note: Zeltiq, the manufacturer of coolsculpting, will certify centers only after they demonstrate a high level of training and expertise. Zeltiq's coolsculpting website has a physician locator that provides special distinction for certified centers.

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CoolSculpting to Achieve a Flatter Stomach

CoolSculpting is a great way to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat without any surgery or downtime and it's really effective on areas around the midsection. Most people see an undeniable reduction of fat after a single treatment, and additional sessions can further enhance results - it all depends on the individual patient and their goals. Because of this, the cost tends to vary as well. The precise kind of result you want to achieve can affect the number of areas that need to be treated and the number of treatments required, and these are all factors that affect the overall cost. The best way to know for sure is to have a consultation with a certified CoolSculpting specialist who can answer more of your questions in person and give you an accurate estimate.

In terms of whether or not it's worth it: we've been seeing excellent results with this technology. It's much less expensive than liposuction with the added safety of no surgery. For the right patient who makes a good CoolSculpting candidate, I would say it's definitely worth it.

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CoolSculpting For The Abdomen

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, clinically proven procedure to selectively reduce fat layers in problem areas using a patented cooling technology. CoolSculpting is safe because the delivery of precise cooling affects only targeted fat cells, leaving adjacent tissue unharmed and intact. The procedure developed by ZELTIQ is based on sound science called Cryolipolysis, discovered by scientists from Harvard Medical School.
Some benefits of CoolSculpting include: NO needles, NO surgery, NO downtime. It’s safe. It’s convenient. The results are dramatic!!

CoolSculpting is FDA approved for treating the abdomen, flank and thigh. It is important to have a face-to-face consultation with the provider in order to determine how many treatments you may need. The health care provider will visually assess the fat in order to determine if the person needs debulking or sculpting. The physician will physically assess the orientation of the fat by pinching and feeling it. There is a 20-25% fat reduction in the treated areas. Patients are usually brought back at the 30 days mark to assess their results. At the point, the patient and physician can communicate and determine if additional treatment might be needed for optimum result.

The cost for CoolSculpting is based on a point system. The points are based on how many areas you may need treated in order to receive a treatment to transformation. We have a special going where, the more points you have, the lower the price per point will be. However, it is hard to determine how many areas you may need without seeing you in person. Therefore, I highly recommend coming in for a face to face consultation.

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