Blisters and Bruising After Smartlipo and Tummy Tuck Surgery

I had Tummy Tuck and Smart Lipo done last week, and I've had fever (as high as 104.1, and hangs around 101.4 when I'm taking Tylenol) since then. The suture line or staple line is sloughing with big blisters, the whole area is red, and not to mention black and blue. The picture below is 2 days after the procedures. Should I see my doctor as soon as possible?

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Go to your doctor or ER today.

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The picture that you show is not what is expected after an abdominoplasty. You are having serious and significant issues with your incision and with wound healing. Your high temperature may indicated a serious infection. You need to seek treatment right away. David Shafer, MD New York City

Go see your doctor now!

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You are having tissue slough and are developing sepsis until otherwise proven.  Your doctor needs to treat you with high power antibiotics at least, and you may need to be in the hospital.  No fooling around on this one.  If you do not go now your life will be in danger.

You must see a doctor right away

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I just read your follow up comments that tell us that you are 8 weeks post surgery and still having problems. I think you will need very close supervision to get your wound healed. Given what you posted as a photo 48 hours after surgery, I would expect that some of the areas have not healed, the wound has partially opened and you are in full wound care mode.

Once you are over the acute problems of fever and possible infection, getting the wound healed will require a lot of effort on your part. You will require both physical and psychological stamina to go through the process and it is important to remember that as bleak as doing dressing changes may be, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You may want to research whether there is a wound care center at one of the hospitals near you. It would be a good idea to visit such a wound care center, which sometimes is a free-standing facility and has access to the latest treatments.

Do not worry about the final look. Get the wound healed and then when the tissues are pliable you can think about a potential scar revision.

Good luck in your recuperation.

Go see your treating surgeon immediately for evaluation and treatment!

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Without any further discussion, you need to go see your treating surgeon immediately. If he/she is not available, then I would advise you to go to a near by emergency room for evaluation by another specialist. The pictures represent potentially serious complications that require immediate attention.

Thanks for your question.

Stephen A. Goldstein, MD
Englewood Plastic Surgeon

See your doctor today

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You need to see your doctor today.  It's hard to know exactly what needs to be done without examining you, but given the fevers and the appearance of the wound, I am sure your surgeon would want to see you.

Urgent abdominoplasty wound care

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Dear Sun Kissed Cutie,

Please return to your doctor ASAP. You need urgent wound care and treatment to minimize the risk of loss of tissue. Without examining you, it looks as if you need hyperbaric oxygen today. Good Luck.

Complications of Tummy tuck

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If this just happened, I suggest you see your  doctor immediately!  The tissues of the lower abdomen appear congested and this may lead to full thickness loss of the tissue. This does not look good.

You shouldn't wait this long.

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Color changes in the skin with signs of wound breakdown and fever are sure signs that you need help. Hopefully you have seen your surgeon by now.  Didn't you have regular follow-up scheduled?


Best Regards,


John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Put Down The Camera and Go See Your Surgeon

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High fever, redness and blistering of the surgical wound, and severe bruising are all danger signs for patients after Abdominoplasty.

You should put down the camera and go back to your surgeon immediately.  Your health and the surgical results are in jeopardy.

Healing after tummy Tuck

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It looks like you might have an infection. With fever and chills it can easily become severe infection and sepsis. At that point it can be life-threatening. Do not weight. Contact your plastic surgeon. I would not be surprised if he required acute admission to the hospital.


Boris Volshteyn M.D., M.S.

Boris Volshteyn, MD, MS
East Brunswick Plastic Surgeon

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