Hands Swelling After Smart Lipo on Upper Arms

I got Smart Lipo on my upper arms... should there be a lot of swelling in the lower arm and hand?

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Thanks for the question all of the lymphatics drain through your upper arm/armpit so its not surprising that you have swelling in the hands. Keep them elevated above your heart as much as you can

Swelling after Smartlipo

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After any type of Smartlipo or Liposuction, you will have swelling.  Most of the swelling goes away in the first two weeks but it will continue to go away over the next few months.  Swelling of the arms is helped with compression garments and also elevation - elevate with pillows when sleeping.  If you have numbness, tingling or loss of function or skin changes distal to the treatment areas (hands / fingers) then you need to see your doctor ASAP.  Good luck.

Swelling in hands is common after arm treatment

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This swelling is extrememly common. You should be wearing a garment on the upper arms, but usually an ace bandage from the hands up in the first 3 days is sufficient to alleviate this problem. Please show it to your doctor to get advice at this point in time.

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