A blunt object fell on my nose, just below the bridge of my nose?

It did not break the skin or bleed, however it left a red line across my nose which after close inspection seem to be broken capillaries. Is there anything I can do to make this mark disappear? It's been 3 days, and it seems to get more red when I apply lotion or Vitamin E on it. Thank you

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Broken capillaries on the nose after traumatic injury - Buffalo Niagara, NY

Once the inflammatory response subsides, and after 6 weeks, if they persist then you can seek treatment with laser. The KTP 532 nm laser or 1064 nm YAG laser are good treatment options. 

Injury to your nose.

If this is really just a few days old, it may clear on its own. If not, there are ways to treat the redness, as long as it is not a sign of an infection. If you are concerned, you should have a specialist take a look at the area.

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